Blissfields 2017 Review

Bizarre [bih-zahr] /bɪˈzɑr/ – very strange or unusual. And Blissfields 2017 pulled out all the stops to create a perfectly bizarre and fun family festival this year. We visited Blissfields as a family in 2015 for the first time and fell in love with this fantastic little treasure. After discovering the theme for 2017 was BIZARRE we […]

Blissfields 2016 Review

More fun than a house party! The big question was finally answered this year – can Blissfields survive bad weather? Every other year it had been blessed with hot sunny days, but in 2016 we were dealt heavy showers and storms. This could have dampened our spirits but it didn’t, as the answer was a definite YES!

Blissfields 2015 Review

A warm welcome from our blissful Blissfields family Something amazing happened to our family at Blissfields festival this year. It was so amazing that it reminded me why I am so enthusiastic about taking my children to festivals. But just to keep you all in suspense I’ll get back to that later.

Blissfields 2014 Review

4th-5th July 2014 Blissfields (or ‘the one with the hammocks’ as my eldest calls it) secured its place in our festival calendar last year, with its perfect blend of great music and small friendly vibe. This year it did not disappoint, improving on its facilities and offering even more for families.


***BLISSFIELDS 2018 CANCELLED***   2018 Blissfields will be a small and intimate affair but will run for 3 days instead of 2! Find out more about Blissfields presents Blisscamp… Highlights for Families include Angel Gardens: a wonderful space for families and adults alike and everyone will find something to suit, even if it’s just a quiet space […]

Blissfields 2013 Review

Blissfields is exactly the right size for a family festival and with an atmosphere so friendly you will instantly feel part of a community. It is neither too big that your children will get lost or too small that there is nothing to do.

Blissfields 2012 Parent Review

2012 Blissfields Weather: Beautiful, sunny, warm. We were VERY lucky. Review by Sarah Ffelan (Twitter, Facebook, iTunes) I was performing my lullabies in Angel Gardens but it was also our first festival as a family with our 3 young children, 6, nearly 4 & 21mths Getting to the festival: As we were part of the Angel […]

Blissfields 2012 Review

Bliss at Blissfields… … it’s that feeling where you’re stood in the middle of a field and the familiar embrace of peace bubble surrounds you, protecting you from the thoughts and worries of the outside world… … it hits your soul, and it’s so overwhelming that you want to cry… … or, if you are […]

Maui Waui Review 2021

Maui Waui we love you! It’s been some years since we discovered a new festival and immediately felt at home. This perfectly formed little hidden gem ticked all the boxes for the whole family and we just adored it. A proper festival without the commercialism and rubbish of some these days, it just had that […]