Camp Bestival 2015 Review

How can I describe our time at Camp Bestival 2015? Epic, joyful, sunny, crazy, busy, vibrant, loud, wonderful and exhausting. We used to go to Camp Bestival many years ago and wanted to return this year as our youngest is 5 and we thought that he was a perfect age to enjoy it. He had […]

Camp Bestival 2014 Review

31st July- 3rd August Luworth Castle, Dorset. For many festival goers Glastonbury is their spiritual home, but for me and my daughter it is Camp Bestival. It was our second visit to Camp Bestival, set in the amazingly beautiful setting of Lulworth Castle, Dorset. First time was our first festival with our daughter and I […]

Camp Bestival 2012 Review

Camp Bestival 2012 weather: Hot and dry the entire weekend. Review by Michelle Rock-Davis (with a 2yr old and a 4yr old) CB is in a beautiful location, held in Lulworth Castle grounds in Dorset. A big drive for us from West Yorks, but we over-nighted in The New Forest and so arrived fresh and […]

Camp Bestival 2011 Review

2011 Camp Bestival Weather: Overcast on Friday with a light shower, rain on Sat AM but beautiful sunshine for the rest of the weekend. Check out our Guest Blog from Melksham Mum on her Camp Besti Experience and also see some other in-depth CB reviews from The Arts Desk , Madame Guillotine, Family Festivals and Tattooed Mummy… Review by: Anonymous (with 10-12 year olds) Getting to the festival and setting […]

Camp Bestival 2011 Parent review

Camp Bestival 2011 ** Photos have been removed, due to broken links – sorry! ** This post will hopefully convince anyone who has hummed and hahhed over taking their children to a festival. E is currently in bed moaning that she wants to go back & A keeps getting up wondering why he isn’t still out […]

Camp Bestival 2010 Review

2010 Camp Bestival weather: Warm in the day and a little chillier at night but not really cold cold. Review by:   Lorraine (with 4 kids aged 10, 14, 15 and 17) Getting to the festival and setting up camp: We got there about  10.30 am and still had quite a queue to get in. We […]