Christmas gift ideas for festival families and beyond

funzeeStruggling with Christmas ideas for your family?

Socks are great for festival goers of any age but we think you can be a little more creative than that.

Here are just a few ideas from us.


Are festivals good for dogs?

festival dog

With record high temperatures at festivals this summer some of us struggled with kids out in the sun. Essential festival kit for little ones included hats, water bottles and oodles of sunscreen. But did anyone think about what to pack for man’s best friend?


Top 10 Luxury Camping Items for Parents

Hotel_Bell_TentLet’s face it – many of us find camping a bit tougher as we get older. And once we have children we no longer want to ‘rough it’ quite so much!

If money is not a problem you could go all out on some glamping luxury, but that’s not an option for most of us on a small budget.

So instead, here are my Top 10 recommendations for camping gear that will provide you that little bit of extra comfort.


The Festival Kidz Family Camping Packing List

Here is our ultimate family camping packing list.

Of course all families’ needs are different, so we have included an editable version for you to download and adapt for your own family.

We hope you find this useful!

Top 5 Packing Tips

What’s the most annoying thing about going to festivals?

For me the answer to this is easy – PACKING!



The Festival Kidz team have put our heads together to bring you our top packing tips, as well as a complete packing list, for you to print out and adapt for your own family.


Glamping up the festival experience with boutique camping

A few years ago I wrote about “Glamping” and how much the word (much like Jedward) annoyed me. Also I couldn’t understand why you couldn’t have a bit of luxury in your own tent with a few extras. However as the years have gone on I’ve finally seen the appeal…


Volunteering at Festivals – The ‘Oxfamily’

??????????Impossible with kids? Not so.

In fact, the fabulous team at Oxfam, who organise stewards at some of the UK’s biggest festivals welcome families and have many who return year after year. It’s also a fabulous opportunity if your teenagers want to experience festivals on their own in a friendly safe environment.


Safety and Security at a Festival

aerial_1666441iJust like anywhere it pays to be mindful and aware of your surroundings and potential risk. In everyday life we are more on our guard but when away in a field with loads of colourful, chilled people and wonderful things going on you tend to let that guard down and be more relaxed (more…)

FK Review: Fairy Fair 2014

We had been counting down to the annual Fairy Fair for months, we’ve been going since Eila was one and she absolutely loves it.

We are so lucky to have such an event on our doorstep, run by the the Fairyland Trust charity. The Fairy Fair is set in the stunning and magical grounds of Holt Hall (http://http://www NULL.holthall NULL.norfolkedunet NULL.html) in North Norfolk and has been since 2007 after moving from Narborough hall near Kings Lynn. People come far and wide to attend, many making a holiday out of it by staying in the local area.


Babywearing at Festivals

Toddler_Carrier_mediumAngeline Braidwood, owner of Sleepy Nico, tells us why babywearing is so good for festivals and gives us her tips for choosing the best baby carrier for you…

If you were lucky enough to spend a magical weekend at the Just So Festival in Cheshire last year you may have seen or even made use of the free sling hire that was available. Chester Sling Library had a popular stall just at the entrance of the festival and parents could leave a deposit (cash, car keys) and borrow a sling or baby carrier. Amanda and Lucy who ran the stall also gave out lots of advice and showed everyone how to use the sling of their choice. It was conveniently located next to the buggy park!

The last time I was at Glastonbury festival I saw a family struggling over the fields with a pushchair and despite the lovely weather it looked like such hard work. So why take a sling with you to a festival this summer? (more…)

Festival Kidz Ultimate Survival Guide

Secrets to enjoying a festival with kids

Every year we get lots of parents asking us how to make a festival with kids fun rather than a weekend of stress.

The reality is that going to a festival with your kids is not such a crazy thing to do any more.  There are hundreds of festivals that welcome families of all ages and there’s usually more to do there than at many other holiday destinations so, rather than begrudging being dragged along, chances are your kids will have even more fun than you!

Carting Kids round Festivals

Pushchairs, Wagons, Slings, Carriers and Buggies

I once read on the old Glastonbury advice page that parents should get a cheap £20 stroller from Argos and throw it away after the festival.  WOW – I was so unimpressed by this comment.  Leaving aside the obvious environmental issues with that approach, for parents taking babies, a good buggy can make or break your festival experience.  Can you imagine trying to get a cheap stroller through 6 inches of mud???!!

Surely we all want our festival experience to be easy and enjoyable?…  (more…)

Best Family Festivals 2014

Tweet #BestFamilyFestivals2014 (https://twitter null@null FestivalKidz%20Great%20festivals%20to%20take%20the%20kids%20to%3A)

Here are our top picks for 2014!

Now is a great time to start thinking about buying your festival tickets – most of the festivals offer ‘early bird’ prices, which means they are reduced if you book them early.

Whether a festival is good for you depends on what music you’re into and what other things you like doing at festivals, as well as the age of your kids. If you are new to festivals with kids, you may want to read our guide to Choosing the right Family-Friendly Festival. (more…)

My teenager is off to their first festival – should I be worried?

glastonbury 95 with Alison

Glastonbury ’95

“Our 16 year old is off to their first festival this year with some friends. They are all pretty sensible but I can’t help worrying.

Any advice?”

Letting our kids spread their wings and explore the world is something all parents will wrestle with at some stage. Teenage years are tricky – everyone tells you so. We want to give them space to grow and freedom to develop, but most importantly we want to keep them safe.

For parents who have never been to festivals before, the whole idea can be daunting. Without first-hand experience, the idea of 100,000 people partying in a field somewhere can be very scary. Hygiene, safety, losing their belongings and even worrying if they will remember to feed themselves could all be on your mind.


Taking the Plunge!

Is this your first time?

Don’t worry if you’re a bit nervous about the whole idea of a music festival with children. Even if you went to a hundred festivals before you had kids, the first one with them is a completely new experience! (more…)

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