Wychwood 2011 Review

What was the weather like?

Mixed rain and sun.  Campsite very flat so no problems with flooding!

How old were your children?

4, 5 & 7

Getting to the Wychwood 2011 and setting up camp:

We were there early but friends of ours had to queue for ages to get in – there seemed to be some confusion from the staff as to which route the cars should take – also the family camping wasn’t particularly well sign-posted so people were finding it hard to find the right area to camp in.

Entertainment – Line up and Kids Activities:

All good – the silent disco went down particularly well with the adults and was the highlight of the festival for us.  The kids enjoyed the stall which sold the little gem stones which were made into necklaces, Mr Tumble and most of all playing around near the tent…

What would you change / improve (if you anything)?

Although it was good to have the family camping far away from the music, the long walk was a bit of a trek – it would have been made a lot easier had there been two entrances to the festival instead of one.

Any other comments and your Top Tip:

The pull-along wagons looked great, very useful at a festival.  Prepare for all extremes – hot sun, mud and rain and bobble hats for cold nights…

Site and Facilities:

The toilets and showers were fantastic – really, really good.  Well done Wychwood!  Phone coverage good also.

Did you feel safe?

Yes, very.  We didn’t come across any drunken behaviour – everyone seemed really chilled out and having a good time – perfect!

Would you go again?

It’s an expensive treat, so maybe…

Wychwood 2011 Review by: Joanna


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