Green Gathering 2022 Review

3 years after its last outing, Festival Kidz were delighted to return to the stunning Piercefield park on the Wales/England border. So with car packed and sun hats adorned, Adam and family attended their first Green Gathering to check out why this award winning, eco-conscious, festival was consistently praised among the festival masses.

Green Gathering 2019 Review

Festival Kidz families are all passionate about festivals but it is becoming increasingly obvious that the impact they have on our environment is massive. It’s hugely important to us that we find solutions to continue to be able to share outdoor events with our kids but it’s essential they move towards a more sustainable future. […]

Green Gathering 2015 Review

With Hazel Kaye (5), Gwilym Kaye (3), Caroline Gilbert and Tim Kaye. Having spent such a lovely and inspirational time last year we were keen to sample a bit of the green gathering magic once again. Would it be as good as last year or was it all just some cosmic trick? In my opinion […]

The Green Gathering 2014 Review

31st July – 3rd August 2014 Review by Tim Kaye accompanied by Caroline Gilbert and Hazel (4) and Gwilym (2) I don’t think we have ever been to a festival that is as welcoming and warm as it is at this one. The organisers have tried to make a community feel to the gathering and […]

Towersey Festival 2022 Review

It has been a long 3 years since our last visit to Towersey. And a lot has changed in that time. As we approached August Bank Holiday I was hopeful that all the wonderfulness of Towersey would remain. And I was also optimistic that their new site at Claydon Estate would bring even more magic to what […]

Green Gathering Saving Families

Family holidays are without a doubt one of the largest contributors to most household’s annual carbon emissions. Even if you are a hardcore eco-warrior doing all you can daily to reduce your impact on the planet, when the summer holidays arrive it’s often hard to make low carbon plans. In comparison to overseas holidays, choosing […]

Green Man 2019 Review

We fell head over heels in love with the Green Man magic. It’s easy to see why this gorgeous gathering sells out so quickly and many families return year after year.

Bearded Theory 2019 Review

Bearded Theory 2019 was truly a festival for the whole family. I saw so many children there that at points I wondered whether there was anyone who hadn’t come with kids! I think the reason that it was so popular was the balance. There was something for everybody, with tents offering everything from cabaret to dance. […]