Maui Waui Review 2021

Maui Waui we love you! It’s been some years since we discovered a new festival and immediately felt at home. This perfectly formed little hidden gem ticked all the boxes for the whole family and we just adored it. A proper festival without the commercialism and rubbish of some these days, it just had that […]

Maui Waui Festival

Maui Waui’s Family Friendly Feel All children 13yrs old or younger are FREE at Maui Waui Festival – one of Suffolk’s best kept secrets!   A 3 day festival of international music, performance and arts Maui Waui promises to bring entertainment from around the globe with world-class bands, exciting circus shows and endless activities for […]

Best Family Festivals 2022

It’s wonderful to see the festival calendar filling up. There are a few festivals taking the year off, but most are running again, and we’re incredibly excited about 2022. So what are the best family festivals for 2022, as recommended by Festival Kidz parents? Here are our favourites, our tried and tested. The festivals we […]

2021 Family Festivals and Camps

With summer holidays still so unknown and the list of what we can and can’t do changing daily, we thought we’d put together this little guide to 2021 small family festivals and camps you can book now. Hopefully, it will help with your summer plans.

New Discoveries for 2019

It’s great to have our favourite festivals that we return to year after year. But our writers are always aware of the wealth of exciting family festivals that we are yet to have covered on this site. This year we’re lucky enough to have something new to try each month of the festival season. Therefore we have […]

Bearded Theory 2016 Review

Beards, barrows and brilliant music “Hello, we’re Terrorvision and we’re from Bradford. Or should I say, we’re Terrorvision and we’re from the nineties!” This cheeky statement summed up Bearded Theory for me, and got a huge cheer from the crowd for the same reason. Because for us it was truly a festival of nostalgia from […]