Woodlands Festival 2019 Review

We popped along to Woodlands Festival for the day to check it out. Families braved some torrential rain and winds to put even the toughest campers off on Friday evening but on Saturday to sun shone, the fancy dress came out, and the glitter flowed. A great day was had by all in the lovely location of […]

Wood Festival 2014 Review

Wood Festival is an absolute gem in the UK festival scene. Imagine a festival where everyone seems relaxed, where there are no children being scolded by frazzled parents, where people feel equally free to dance or to snooze, where you never feel over-crowded or uncomfortable, where Red Kites circle overhead and the sound of laughter […]

Wood Festival 2013 Parent Review

Kids love WOOD and happy kids mean happy parents. The intimate site feels incredibly safe and our gang of children aged between 7 and 12 were entirely free range for the weekend, returning to us only for food, or a few pounds to spend on gang uniform of hair braids and temporary tattoos. Or to […]

Beautiful Days 2019 Review

Beautiful Days is without a doubt a top contender for best weekend of the year. This goes not just for my family, but for thousands of its loyal patrons. Every year the Levellers host an amazing festival that I think is impossible to out do, and yet it continues to improve. We have been to […]

Green Gathering 2019 Review

Festival Kidz families are all passionate about festivals but it is becoming increasingly obvious that the impact they have on our environment is massive. It’s hugely important to us that we find solutions to continue to be able to share outdoor events with our kids but it’s essential they move towards a more sustainable future. […]