10 Reasons why festivals are best

Despite there now being well over a hundred different family friendly festivals to choose from in the UK, I’m still getting the same common reaction from the majority of people: “Why on earth would you want to take your children there?”

So if you are wondering what is so appealing to parents I’ve compiled this top ten list.

10. A festival is a child friendly holiday that also entertains the adults

Many people go to holiday resorts with entertainment for their children, which involves sitting through long shows of over-hyped students dressed up in animal suits. Festivals are a mixture of so many different types of entertainment that you can enjoy the kids’ field but you can also take them dancing to some proper music, or go and see a fire show – it’s just more exciting!

9. You can still have your evenings

If you stay in a B&B you have to go to sleep when the children do, but there’s no need to at a festival. You can sit outside the tent and chat or (if you’re lucky) get them to sleep in a buggy or a trolley and enjoy some of the evening festival! Even if you stay at a seaside resort and get a babysitter, where can you go except the local pub? At a festival however there’s always something interesting to do.

8.  It’s easy not to cook

Family friendly festivals have lots of lovely food options so that you can eat a different thing at every meal time if you don’t want to cook.


7. Your children will learn from it

Most festivals hold a variety of different skills workshops – from art and crafts to dancing and singing to science and nature. My six year old is still excited that she made her own pinhole camera last summer – and many of the photos she took with it are amazing!

6. It is a very cheap holiday

Now that we are a family of 5 with a school age child, everywhere is stupidly expensive in the school holidays. If we hired a cottage or even a caravan for the weekend then added activities for 5 people we would be spending far more than we do at a festival.

5. You will have the freedom to enjoy your second childhood

If you want to wear butterfly wings, do arts and crafts, participate in an egg and spoon race, or a dance-off, or just run around blowing bubbles – you can. And no one will frown at you as they sometimes do when you’re not at a festival, they will all smile.

4. You don’t have to plan any activities for when it rains

There’s no need to pick up any leaflets for some weird overpriced local attraction such as a bee-keeping museum the minute you feel a drop of water. Because there are always kids’ activities undercover.

mini golf

3. There is always something to do

From when you get up in the morning to when you fall into bed at night, there is a guarantee the kids will be entertained.

2. You don’t have to drive anywhere

Once you’re there and set up, that’s it! You can just wander around and there’s none of the ‘getting in and out of the car’ palaver, no need to find places to go and no screaming in the back seat – it’s bliss!

1. Your children will love it!

Children love camping. Children love music. Children love dancing. Children love making things, they love picnics, they love being close to nature, they love dressing up in fancy dress and generally being silly!

So what are you waiting for? Book your first family festival now, pull up a camping chair, and enjoy!


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  1. Brilliant post for all those naysayers out there, why would you not take your kids to a festival?

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