BOGS Boots Review and Competition

Wellies and festivals go together like a British bank holiday weekend and an unexpected downpour. No one wants to be the fool taping bin bags over their converse in a field full of mud. Being stuck with cold, wet feet is a guaranteed way to turn a great weekend into a miserable slog.

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So when we headed off on our first family camping trip of the year we took a whole sack of waterproof boots with us. For once I even had a pair to rival the kids’ colourful assortment of dinosaurs and butterflies, as the people from BOGS had sent me a pair of their insulated boots.

Yep insulated wellies, in June. If you think that seems odd you clearly have much better circulation than I do.  Even in the peak August festival season I’m the woman sleeping in thermals, knee high socks and a sleeping bag that warmer blooded humans would reserve for sub zero temperatures. Standard wellies are fine for the middle of a hot day when the only concern is a bit of festival mud but when it comes to trekking back from the main stage late at night or getting up all too early the next day with the kids are they really warm enough? There are only so many pairs of socks one woman can wear.

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It was these ends of the the day where the BOGS came in really handy. All the more so because they are so easy to get on and off. Apart from the cold this is my other pet hate with wellies on camping trips. Smearing your hands in mud while falling through a tent flat is not a good way to bookend any day. Luckily most BOGS boots have handles and the boots themselves are much more sturdy than standard wellies. I could just step in and out of them. Which spared me the repeated precarious wobble 37 times each morning as I came in and out of the tent to sort out breakfast while also chasing two small children into something vaguely like clothes. I even got through a high risk first light toilet trip without waking them both up at 4.30 am.

2016-05-29 11.02.11Of course all that doesn’t come cheap, Ladies BOGS start at £55 (A lot more than a couple or bin bags and a roll of gaffer tape). But they are definitely not something to be abandoned on the last morning so that you don’t have to bother cleaning them. I plan to keep using mine for years and not just for camping. The day after we got home I was straight back into them as the British weather had returned to form and I was commuting in what seemed like a very cold monsoon. Having picked out a rather nice tweed pattern I didn’t even feel too silly waiting for the rush hour train in wellies. By the time I got to work I felt positively smug as my feet were warm and dry while all around me colleagues bemoaned their soggy socks and trouser legs.

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So, as a permanently cold person, I’m looking forward to having feeling in my toes at all times this year and, with the main festival season getting tantalisingly close, we have a pair of baby BOGS up for grabs:


Win a pair of Baby BOGS and keep little toes cosy and warm while camping this summer.


BOGS Footwear has teamed up with Festival Kidz to give away a pair of Baby BOGS wellies worth £35. As well as looking the cutest pair of wellies ever they are also 100% waterproof, packed with innovative technology and come in great original prints.


The boots are machine washable (parents breath a sigh of relief) with a comfort rating down to -10°C so even on the coldest nights little feet will be toasty warm.

The Baby BOGS are 15cm (6 inches) high and made from 3mm Neo-Tech TM insultation with a plush lining. BOGS Max-Wick TM keeps little feet dry and DuraFresh bio-technology actively fights odours, making these boots perfect for splashing in muddy puddles. Indpendent toddlers will also love the pull on handles too.


The boots are available in a range of fun colours and designs including Classic Animals, Classic Woodland and Classic Flower Stripes and come in UK kids sizes 3 – 9.

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Baby BOGS giveaway