Boomtown! Parents Meetup

For all those going to Boomtown this year…

We are introducing the first Boomtown Festival Kidz Parents Meetup!

If like us, you don’t have any friends who would even attempt Boomtown, why not meet up with me and a few other parents for a night out?

We take it in turns to go out at night alone. And although I’m perfectly happy on my own and always meet lots of people, I think it would be fun to experience Boomtown in a group.

If you want to join us, please comment under our Facebook post, and PM me your mobile number to be added to my WhatsApp group. 

If you don’t want to share your number, don’t worry. I will give out a time a place for the meetup closer to the event.

Be aware: This will be a night out after the kids are in bed so it will start around 10pm! This is when the festival is most fun with more people…

Who is as excited as we are? 

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