Festival Kidz Awards 2013

Announcing the first ever Festival Kidz Gold and Silver Awards!

Festival Kidz is run by parents for parents. We want to be able to recommend the best festivals for people to take their children to.

Voting is now closed – see the winners!

The festival community is becoming more family friendly. Increasing numbers of festivals are offering dedicated family camping, better kids’ entertainment and facilities and more people are discovering the joys of sharing their love of festivals with their children.

This year, we are celebrating the best of the family festivals. We are rating them in a number of categories – activities, camping, facilities, entertainment and green credentials.


Festival Kidz Gold Award

The very best festivals will receive our coveted Festival Kidz Gold Award.

Festivals displaying the Gold Award are exceptionally family friendly, with great entertainment on offer for both parents and children. They will have good camping, good facilities and toilets, a wide range of activities for children, have good green credentials and offer value for money.


Festival Kidz Silver Award

Festivals that we recommend but are lacking in one or two areas will receive our Festival Kidz Silver Award.

Festivals displaying the Silver Award will be an excellent choice for families. They will just need to improve some of their facilities to reach the gold standard.

If you need to refresh your memory about the festivals you attended this year, review our festival factsheets.

19 thoughts on “Festival Kidz Awards 2013

  1. The Fairyland Trust is a fabulous festival with all the right ingredients for a magical day for children of all ages. I couldn’t wait fir my grandchildren to be old enough and I started taking them last year (ages 3 and 18 months). I think it’s a tradition that will continue for many years!

  2. I know the voting has finished but I just wanted to say two words … Watchet Festival 🙂

  3. We went to Shambala this year and were blown away by it. Great music, lots of activities that the whole family could enjoy, a great kids’ area that wasn’t too far away from the main action, and superb facilities. The review was exactly right in that it was a festival for festival-goers with children rather than a children’s festival – I felt like we were all included in the fun and my 3 year old daughter didn’t want to leave.

  4. The fairyland trust is such an amazing event for children with so much for them to learn, experience and enjoy, I would like to recomend them

  5. Fairyland trust please. Amazing experience. Love them. Hoping for a Christmas one again this year pleeeease in a bigger venuexxxx

  6. I would like to nominate The Fairyland Trust. We’ve been to 3 festival events in the past year at Halloween, Christmas and summer and plan to go again to Halloween and Christmas this year. They do beautiful nature-based crafts and storytelling to tell children about the natural world, but all tinged with a bit of glitter and fairy-magic. I love the whole ethos – at the winter ones their braziers are from re-purposed washing machine drums! The volunteers are wonderful, the entertainers are brilliant and the stalls and merchants are ‘proper’ stuff, not plastic land-fill rubbish. It’s affordable, huge fun for adults and children, they work very hard to get it right and we love them!

  7. The Fairyland Trust in Norfolk. They run amazing nature inspired festivals that are truly inspirational. Their Halloween event was magical for all of our family, adults and kids alike. It’s not commercial, its safe and friendly and really good value for money. The deserve many accolades for the hard work they put in to reconnect kids and nature.

  8. I would like to nominate the fairyland trust for their unmissable festivals they acheive an exciting and atmospheric event as fun for the kids as a day at hogwarts its educational and fabulous fun. Magical setting in the mature woodland enables the kids to have a healthy day out too. Spoilt for choice with the shopping and food but not overwhelmed by big buisiness and advertising family bliss thanks FT. From jo smith and friends xx

  9. Croissant Neuf… lovely sloar-powered child safe & friendly fest, plenty of kids ents, circus, workshops, pottery wheel, trampoline, knights duals, football, live music, lantern-making & procession, etc. didn’t come away feeling financially exploited unlike some other fests..even help with luggage to family camp area was free-ish..great overall, tho could’ve done with bit more lighting in evening as difficult to keep track of wayward pre-teen! All very safe and small scale.

  10. croissant neuf summer party is the best family festival in the UK there is so much for kids to do in a beautiful safe environment. A*****

  11. I took my little ones to 3 wishes faery fest and i’ve never seen them light up so much. There was so much to do for them and all so interactive. Seeing my little girls eyes when she saw the mermaids was my moment of the whole summer and i’ve done a lot of festivals! I think my heart grew. Thanks Karen Kay!

  12. Karen Kays Faery Fest in Cornwall had lots of entertainers for the children along with supervised workshops. Lots of fun for old and young alike. Everyone joined in the fun with costumes etc its was a magical Solstice with Damh The Bard singing too, perfect.

  13. I took two teens to the Faery Fest this year and I didn’t see hide nor hair of them despite the rain! Lots of programmed events for children with good tents as back up when the rain inevitably fell. Magical event for young&old alike, well done Karen et al.

  14. The Acoustic Festival of Britain in Uttoxeter is a brilliant family friendly festival. There are clean toilets and hot showers, plenty of security on site and on the campsite which helps you to feel safe. They have free face painting every day which is to a really high standard. There’s a story telling tent, crafts, children’s music activities, many different children’s workshops, walk about characters. There’s an emphasis on environmental and green issues. The lights for the festival are all solar powered. There have been years where the amps in one music tent were bicycle powered and kids could join in. The atmosphere is friendly and inclusive and definitely family friendly.

  15. We took our 4 sobs & 2 Goddaughters to Nibley music festival this summer. Brilliant, safe , approachable, AFFORDABLE,fun – I just hope we manage to get tickets for next year . Want to know more- feel free to contact me

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