Things you must do at a festival

Once you have children it’s all too easy to get stuck in the kids field all day. But it doesn’t have to be all about them! Here are a few things you must do at a festival.

Must do - fun

Learn new skills

Must do - Workshop

There are terrific place to join a workshop and learn something new.  Maybe you’ve always fancied learning to knit, do pottery, learn salsa or play a didgeridoo?

Whatever it is, there’ll be a festival offering it.  Most festivals include workshops in the ticket price, but at free or charity festivals there may be a charge.

Find out early whether you will need to book your workshops in advance. There is nothing more disheartening than turning up ready to go and then being turned away because it’s over-subscribed.

Many festivals offer Yoga, Zumba or Tai Chi to kickstart the mornings. These are usually open to all the family – so go and join in and boost your energy levels and get the endorphins circulating!

Some festivals have a creche or childcare service so you can indulge in some adult workshop time, or perhaps you prefer the idea of doing something as a family.

Get Involved

Must do - Dressing Up

Festivals are a place for people to relax and be themselves. For families this is wonderful as the whole family can play together, and there will be many opportunities!

Whether you want to dress up, get messy in an art tent, do an egg and spoon race, take part in a massive water fight, get involved in some interactive theatre or just enjoy the general silliness – you can do it.

Ignore the normal social boundaries and just act however you want to. For me this is the best part of a festival, and your children will love it too!

Listen to the music

Must do - Main stageThe main reason why most adults want to go to a festival is for the music, but that is often one of the least interesting aspects for children.  One of the BEST THINGS you can do to increase your children’s willingness to watch bands on a stage for long periods is to get them used to the music beforehand.

Find out the line up, listen to the Spotify Playlists, download some tunes and play them to death on the school run, in the house, on the iPod…  make sure they get to know it and by the time the festival comes round they will be happily singing and dancing along with you.

I also find that kids are much more engaged with the music if they can see the performers clearly. Get right to the front if it’s safe to do so, or finding a good viewpoint further back. With smaller children carry them so they are higher up. Here’s where a hip seat gets really useful for little ones.

Enjoy Yourself

Above all, you must enjoy yourself but make sure your family does as well. If you all manage to do something different, children and adults, your festival experience will be more memorable.

But what are your “must do” festival activities?

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