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Family holidays are without a doubt one of the largest contributors to most household’s annual carbon emissions. Even if you are a hardcore eco-warrior doing all you can daily to reduce your impact on the planet, when the summer holidays arrive it’s often hard to make low carbon plans.

In comparison to overseas holidays, choosing to spend time closer to home is obviously better for the environment. Camping is a relatively low impact choice providing you aren’t buying lots of equipment or single-use items, and good quality second-hand supplies are easy to come by. Festivals, however, are very rarely able to claim they are low-carbon due to the simple fact they are for such a short period of time, plus all the infrastructure and individual travel involved.

Green Gathering is different. One of a few UK festivals that can really make the ‘eco family festival’ claim, it is not only a super fun family holiday, it’s also leading the way in sustainable events.

Festival Kidz families can SAVE ON TICKETS TO GREEN GATHERING 2022 with our unique discount code.  VISIT THE AFFINITY WEBSITE for instructions and enter FZG100.

Adult tickets are just £100 when you use the code – saving you £20! Kids tickets start at £20 with those 5 and under completely free.

Take a look:

We just love everything the Green Gathering stands for. In a sea of corporate events dominated by big brands and consumerism, a small group of amazing people are showing our kids how things really should be done. It is possible to party without wrecking the planet!

The Green Gathering is the product of a long line of Green initiatives and festivals. Its colourful history intertwines with the stories of Glastonbury, Stonehenge Free Festival, The Big Green Gathering, and Climate Camp. Many of the places I loved to party as a teenager before I was even aware of things to come. Positive people living sustainably together, sharing skills, and now inspiring the next generation with positive solutions.

Hope, inspiration and practical tools in this time of Climate Emergency. It’s easy to see why Green Gathering won Greenest Festival accolade at the UK Festival Awards and is highly recommended by families at Festival Kidz.

Read our Green Gathering factsheet and don’t forget to SAVE ON TICKETS VISIT with our unique discount code.  VISIT THE AFFINITY WEBSITE for instructions and enter FZG100.

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