Marvin the sheep in festival heaven!

Anyone with kids of a certain age will be very familiar with the adorable Marvin the Sheep and his loving friend Molly.  I must’ve read the gorgeously illustrated children’s book ‘Marvin Wanted More’ to my pair nearly every night for several years!

Since then Marvin has been getting into all sorts of adventures and, in his latest story book ‘Marvin and Molly’Marvin ends up at a festival in search of some ‘special things’.

Marvin and Molly had my kids giggling away, and we think it is a great little book to read with your kids before taking them to their first festival, as well as to read after you have been to help remind them of their festival fun!  Or you can just read it anyway – it’s a sweet storyline about friendship, growing up, and the importance of being yourself and allowing yourself to be a little bit crazy.

Author and illustrator, Joseph Theobald, has given us 5 signed copies of his new book ‘Marvin and Molly’ to give away to our lovely readers…  To enter, email your name, address and phone number to with ‘Marvin’ in the subject lineCloses 5th September 2012 CLOSED!

Sheepsy publishing is proud to present Marvin and Molly. A fun story, available as a beautifully illustrated picture book and a vibrant, interactive, animated app with colourful games included.

Marvin and Molly love to play together all day long, but one day Molly wants to marry Marvin! Marvin doesn’t understand, and Molly doesn’t know what to do.

When Molly finds a new best friend dressed in the latest sheep fashion, Marvin goes on a quest to look even better… but is that what Molly really wants?

In this funny tale about friendship and not growing up too soon, Joseph Theobald answers the question most asked by his readers – Are Marvin and Molly married?

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7 thoughts on “Marvin the sheep in festival heaven!

  1. We just downloaded this app and it is already one of our favorites. It certainly is a sheep in festival heaven! 🙂

    1. LOL – good to hear! I haven’t actually tried it myself yet as I don’t have an iPhone or iPad but I can just imagine it’s loads of fun… gotta wait for the Android version 🙁
      Or just thinking, it might be out by now… I should go have a look! x

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