The Wishing Line: Nibley

nibley wishing line festival kids
The Wishing Line

Have the festival fairies granted your wishes yet?

We had such a lovely time at Nibley Music Festival.  What a great bunch of organisers – all volunteers, and the most well-organised and friendliest event we’ve been to in ages!

We put a Wishing Line outside the Festival Kidz stall and were over-loaded with so many of you hanging out your laundry on our line!  We managed to collect up most of your wishes and pass them on to the festival fairies – did yours make the list?

I wish I was a rat – Arthur age 5

I wish we have a lovly holiday – Loann age 8

I wish my grandad came back to life

I wish everyone was quiet – Rosie age 6

I wish I could buy a spacesuit and go into space – Jake age 7

I wish for a sweetie – Matty age 3

I wish I was married to Harry Styles/Callum – (written on a pair of frilly pants!)

I wish I could be king – Riley

I wish I was married to Izzy! xxx

I wish that my Nan was here – Charlie

I wish I was a mermaid – Emily

I wish I had boobs – age 14 (written on a bra!)

I wish I could bite of an ostrich’s head whilst doing the conga – Freya age 12

I wish everyone was calm – Frank age 5

I wish Edward would love me

I wish nowon coud die and I wish I coud have a caravan – Isabella age 8

I wish that I could fly – Mary age 9 3/4

I wish that William could come to my house in Slimbridge xoxoxoxo  – Pebble

I wish Watford were in the Premiership

I wish that Pebble could come to my house too – William x

I wish that he would love me

I wish my mum will by me a flowr hed band!

I wish that everyone was happy

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