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tiny campsites 2 coverHere at Festival Kidz HQ we just lurve camping…

The freedom, the green space, the stars, the campfire…

When we go camping as a family we choose somewhere that the kids can run around, somewhere away from the crowds, and definitely somewhere as far away from places with laid-on ‘kid’s entertainers’ as we can possibly get!!!  For us, camping is about embracing the great outdoors and back to basics living.  It’s not about being a cheap holiday replacement so we don’t look for resort-type activities or facilities.

So when the guys and gals at Punk Publishing sent me a review copy of their latest book, the second edition of Tiny Campsites, I was delighted!

Eagerly flicking through I found loads of cute little places I really want to go to, in fact I think pretty much all of them appealed to me!  But then of course, as with all the Cool Camping books, the sites are hand-picked because they are the best in the field so it’s no wonder they are all so gorgeous (…‘their field’ – geddit?! boom, boom!)

There are 75 sites featured in total and not one of them is over an acre in size… so none of your big sprawling nylon cities here.  It’s got all the info you need to know (like how to find it for a start!) and it also contains the low down on facilities so you know what to expect (and how much extra deodorant to pack if there are no showers!).

There are sites next to quaint old pubs, sites you can only reach by boat or foot, sites next to quirky museums, sites on farms and sites with stunning views… each one is unique, but all are diddy little gems.

This is the perfect book for ‘get-away-from-it-all’ campers.  And I for one will be keeping my copy handy this summer!


Tiny Campsites is available now on Amazon 


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