V Festival Staffordshire 2009 Review

V Festival Staffordshire Reviewed by: Claire

What was the weather like?

Good weather – not too hot or cold!

How old were your kids?

I was pregnant! 

Arriving and setting up camp:

Brilliant easy run into the festival. Camped in Yellow which is a small intimate campsite, not too rowdy close to the arena entrance. Good facilities. Nice camp site for a festival.

What was the entertainment like?  Kids Activities / Line up etc,

No children’s activities but fantastic lineup

What would you change / improve (if anything)?

I was pregnant at the time (36 weeks) and very visibly pregnant. Stewards confiscated my fold away chair and told me I could not bring it in as it was a fire hazard. Spoke to the security manager to explain I wanted to sit at the back and couldn’t be on my feet all the time and had difficulty getting up and down from the floor but was told “If I let you take a chair in I will have to let everyone” …err… no, because they are not heavily pregnant. I ended up in pain on the second day and was admitted to hospital with bleeding. Made a complaint about my treatment as a pregnant person… after all you wouldn’t take a wheelchair off a disabled person so why take my chair off of me! Complained after the event to the festival organisers several times via recorded delivery letter but no-one had the decency to reply.

Site and Facilities

Not enough toilets. Saw ladies weeing in the corner of the festival with their mates trying too cover them from being seen! Lots of crowds moving between stages.

Any other comments and your Top Tip?

Possibly not a festival for heavily pregnant women that might want to sit on a chair… also definitely needed more toilets

Did you feel safe?

It was quite cramped in the festival but I felt ok

Would you go again?



2 thoughts on “V Festival Staffordshire 2009 Review

  1. Sorry to read of your experience Claire and saddened that the festival organizers were not only unable to accommodate your needs but did not reply to your correspondence when you complained about it.
    I have only attended V once, 8 years ago and found it was not really the festival for me and certainly not the most pregnancy and family friendly one.
    I hope this experience has not put you off and that you can find the right festival for you.

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