LodeStar Festival

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Location: Lode, Cambridgeshire

Website: www.lodestarfestival.com

A real gem of a festival.  Cutting edge music with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

** Winners of Best Festival Toilets at the UK Festival Awards 2012! **

What are the highlights for families?

Large family audience profile.
Large wide open completely flat lawn-like fields.
Lodes of space (did you see what I did there? LODEs – geddit?! ah well, nevermind!)
Great music.  Well chosen emerging artists
Relaxed friendly atmosphere.
Well away from roads.
Clean and plentiful toilets.
MUD-FREE GRASSY SITE!! Free-draining soils mean that mud is highly unlikely to ever be a problem at LodeStar.

Being at LodeStar feels a bit like a great camping holiday with the added bonus of all my favourite things from festivals.  The camping was beautifully flat and more spacious than a normal campsite, the music is absolutely superb, and there is space… just so much wonderful space – for chilling, for playing, for enjoying, for lazing in the sun, for picnicking, for hula hooping, for swinging poi, and of course for dancing.  Your kids can play ball and you can watch bands nearby, and no one gets their toes trodden on!

It just feels perfectly relaxing.

What makes LodeStar unique:

The fields and fens of LodeStar: A large night sky full of stars (no light pollution).  The site is very rural, flat and beautiful.  There is loads of space for ball games, frisbees, kite flying, etc.

Uniquely LodeStar’s festival arenas are designed to lend themselves to making the natural environment part of the ‘art installation’. The time of day, and the music, sets the mood and all tastes can follow where their mind takes them. From the front of stage pushing arms into the air and dancing crazily to holding back and picnicking with your children on the vast expanse of grass on offer.

It takes around twenty-five minutes to walk one end to the other, forget mud and think clean loos and green fields to camp on, talking of which camping is free, as are campervans and caravans. This makes LodeStar’s three days cheaper than most camping weekends. LodeStar has a cutting edge new music line-up, offers excellent value for money and is still relatively unknown on the festival circuit.

It’s a rare little gem indeed – An independent festival bringing the true passion of music and ethos back to festivals for people and to reconnect with the environment on it’s 200 acre site.

Line Up:


About LodeStar, by organiser Doug:

“My name is Doug and from my teenage years I held a vision of staging a festival here on the land my family have cared for and worked on for four generations. My inspiration for LodeStar is the thought of people coming together and sharing a moment away from our daily lives and soak in the atmosphere that only great music, good people and natural surroundings can bring!
I believe a powerful experience evokes something inside us that we so easily lose in our busy stressful lives, importantly it can drive home the value of life and those around us. I hope LodeStar inspires people to think about our world and every living thing on it. The festival is a great opportunity for you to actively be part of the experience and is enjoyed by all who come along.
It is a great event to come to especially if you have never thought of doing anything like it before! If you decide to be here my hope is that you will understand these thoughts, the fields of LodeStar are a very special place to be.
At night the stars touch the ground of the flat fenland as it yields to the expansive night sky that’s sprinkled with stars and to the North, the guiding star, the PoleStar that has guided the inspiration of LodeStar, navigating people since time began.
I spend an enormous amount of time programming to bring one of the most exciting lineups with new music at a festival. Everything that hits your ears and heart performing at Lodestar is from creative artists who are able to deliver a song and vibe that touches everyone. The energy of bands on stage can be electrifying, the vibrant music and performances shared pulls people together.
Music is important in our daily lives, it’s emotive and captures feelings and makes memories. Artists performing in such a great location, strumming a fantastic tune and singing heart piercing lyrics will stay with you forever. The feelings and details of any such moment are brought back and relived when you hear the song in the future. A memory is intangible much as our thoughts when we consider mortality and the infinity of the night sky full of distant stars.
My hope is that you take away a feeling of having shared an experience with like minded people. It is but as a glimpse of a shooting star, a vision of something wonderful and untouchable that you never forget, timeless! We are all unique but what happens to us is not and the way we live each day is how our world becomes, it’s at the heart of LodeStar’s ethos.
When something beautiful happens quite often its individuals that come together with a need that perhaps isn’t always clear. We are led in our modern lives by goals probably not that important overall. How we treat each other is the essence of our time here and I hope LodeStar holds a small message that we do care. The world is in turmoil but it can slowly change. A global recession is a good time to look at what matters and regain a perspective lost from childhood. Who questions what really matters any more…… Will you?
As a farmer called Yasgur once said “It’s a victory for peace and love” for all the people …. and for all the music!”

Site and facilities:

The festival has fine grass fields and a very large area for camping, car park is close to camping and Arenas 100 metres plus away. Good mobile coverage on most networks.

There is LOADS of space in the camping fields and there are separate areas for party people, families, general and live-in vehicles.


Get tickets from: www.lodestarfestival.com/tickets

Genuine LodeStar tickets are only available via their own website or by phone. NO booking fees!


LodeStar – where you can look as though you are in the middle of nowhere but feel you’re at the heart of somewhere!