Festival Kidz was formed in 2010 by Romany and her Uni friend Louise.  They discovered they were both passionate about going to music festivals with their kids and felt a shared need to inspire newbie families who needed extra advice and support in order to give festival-going a go.

Realising that many parents hadn’t even considered the notion of taking children to a music festival, they wanted to show that it is not only possible to go to a festival with your children, but that it can be a great deal of fun too!

After writing for the website as a volunteer for 2 years, Naomi took over Festival Kidz in October 2013 when Romany wanted to step down as Editor.

All the contributors on this site are unpaid, and do this purely for their love of taking their children to festivals, and sharing that love and their experiences with other like-minded families.

Any income generated goes towards the hosting and administrative costs of keeping the site running, so please support us if you can (and donations are always welcome too!).  Some of our product links are affiliate links and may earn a small commission, again this goes towards our operating costs, so please click through on them where you can. Unless we can become fully self-funding we will not be able to survive.

Want to sponsor us?  We are looking into the possibility of a key sponsor for the website – if your business or brand is in line with our ethos and fits our family audience please contact naomi@festivalkidz.com.

Who are Festival Kidz?

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Naomi Jones


Sarah Ryman

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Reviews Team

Lisa Rabone | Catherine Prescott | Kirsty Sharrock | Ellie Allen | Katy Barton | Tim Kaye | Lisa Mills

Additional writers and contributors:

Romany Greatrex | Louise Carron Harris |  Emma Parkes-McQueen | Lisa OnykahonieMike HoganVashti ZarachHeather StantonLucille McLellan | Kirsty DersonsClaire ArchboldAlli ScottKaron Louise Bell | Amber Burrows | Susan Miller

We welcome guest blogs from other festival goers too. If you have some thoughts to share then get scribbling and send them to chat@festivalkidz.com, please include pictures, video or audio where possible.

If you’d like to be a bigger part of Festival Kidz by joining our team of regular contributors please email chat@festivalkidz.com – we will be delighted to hear from you!

Please add your own family’s experiences as comments to our festival reviews – it will help parents to know which festivals are right for their family.