Lisa Onykahonie

festie feet profile picLisa is a working mum of 2 and a keen home cook, and vegetarianism is very important to her.  She has a great blog called We Don’t Eat Anything With a Face in which she reviews products she’s bought and places she’s visited from a veggie perspective.  Her blog also includes some very yummy inspiring recipes.

Lisa has 2 children: Miss Ony (13) and Miss Kahonie (11) who have both been veggie from birth, despite concerns from friends and family. Mr O eats meat, but she doesn’t buy it or cook it for him.

Lisa and Mr O are seasoned festival goers and have been going to festivals since they were 18.  They stopped going for a while when the kids were small and then started taking them along to festivals too when they were 5 and 7.

Since winning some complimentary tickets to Bearded Theory in one of our competitions, she has kindly shared some of her reviews with us.  She’s a great writer, and offers a realistic perspective on what a festival is like for the tricky tweens and early teens age group.