Top 5 Packing Tips

What’s the most annoying thing about going to festivals?

For me the answer to this is easy – PACKING!


The Festival Kidz team have put our heads together to bring you our top packing tips, as well as a complete packing list, for you to print out and adapt for your own family.

Here are our Top 5 Packing Tips!

  1. Divide your packing into labelled boxes/bags that you can easily store – every time you come back from a festival you can then wash everything and pack it back into the boxes ready for the next one.
  2. Empty your First Aid Kit of medicines when you come home, as medicines will expire if stored too long. Keep a list of required medicines inside the kit so you can easily top it up before you leave.
  3. Work out how many meals you are going to cook, and how many you will buy at the festival. That way you can take the exact amount of food for the weekend so you’re not carrying anything back home again.
  4. For larger families a picnic backpack is a great way to make sure you keep all your plates, cups and cutlery together. You can easily make your own one using an old rucksack and some nice bamboo picnic items.
  5. And finally… make sure you take a treat such as wine and cheese for the adults, and cake for the children. It’ll taste so much better when eaten outdoors!

Our Luxury Items – Festival Kidz Team

Is there something that you wouldn’t go camping without? The Festival Kidz team share their choice of luxury items…

ergolifeNaomi wouldn’t be without her Ergolife Chair. For someone who has always had back problems it’s a wonderful solution to the problem of sitting on the ground all weekend. And the children love sitting in it and falling over backwards!


sheepskinRomany wouldn’t be without her sheepskins– they’re so soft and comfortable, and are great for sleeping on as they provide insulation from the ground.


bodumAnthony can’t be without his real coffee, so recommends his Bodum Travel Press Mug. It can be used to safely carry real coffee or tea and means you don’t have to take a cafetiere and mug separately.



champersJess wouldn’t be without her cans of rose wine spritzer and plastic champagne flutes – self explanatory really!



lashesSarah says that a big feathery pair of eye lashes is essential as she just doesn’t feel dressed for an evening at a festival without them!


burlesqueVicky wouldn’t be without some elegant fancy dress, a tutu and fairy wings. This year she’s considering a leopard print burlesque outfit


Now download our Ultimate Family Camping Packing List and get organised!

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