Best Family Festivals of 2018!

Introducing the “Festival Kidz Recommended” stamp!

We wanted to give the best family festivals our ‘stamp of approval’ – as a reward for the great entertainment they have put on and the memories they have made for us.

These are the festivals that our writers return to year after year – those that we would feel like if we missed it we would be missing out. Many of us have made friends that we only see at these festivals – because we live nowhere near each other but we all return every year. These are the special festivals, and they deserve to be recognised.

The Festival Kidz writers like different kinds of festivals so we have included in this list a broad range. Some of us love the really hippy festivals and some love the party festivals. Some love the tiny festivals with not much going on but lots of space for the kids to explore, and some love the busy ones with hundreds of activities. So please do go and read the reviews to find out which ones you will love!

We have so many amazing festivals to recommend that we have split them into locations over several posts – this will help when planning your own summer. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the full lists, coming soon!