Shindig Revisited

Last year we visited Shindig for the first time, and instantly loved the festival. It’s on a beautiful site and has lots on offer for children, with a great dance line up on many little stages. This gives it a less crowded and more friendly vibe than some other dance music festivals. If you want to find out more please see my full review.

Shindig returns this year on 23rd – 26th May with another amazing line up including Estelle, Ozomatli feat Chali 2na, Benjmain Zephaniah and the Revolutionary Minds, Dub Pistols, Smoove & Turrell and Laid Blak.


There were some fairly serious problems with layout and camping areas at last year’s festival, as I pointed out.

We were supposed to be in the camper van field, but they ran out of room so they basically directed us to camp in the car park. There was no drinking water or toilets nearby (to their credit, the organisers did provide toilets after not too long), and when I tried to find water no one even knew where it was!

It was also a long way from where we were camped to the festival and I didn’t feel that safe walking back at night.

Honest Reviews

If our reviews are to be trusted I believe we have to be honest about our experiences at festivals. It’s a risk I believe we have to take, and we always offer festivals a chance to comment. We could only give good reviews, but if we ignore any problems and all our reviews are glowing what is the point of them?

Unfortunately, writing critical reviews can lead to festival organisers not inviting us back.

But surely listening to direct feedback from your customers is important?

Shindig Weekender 2018

Shindig revisited

This is why I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted again after the review by the organisers of Shindig. They told me they are making direct changes based on my review and would I come back again this year? I was delighted they had taken the review in a positive way and are keen to show us how they’ve improved.

When a festival listens to its customers it is a very good sign, as you then know they are eager to make sure everyone has the best experience possible.

They have informed me that this year they have made the campervan field bigger and put up signs for water. They have also improved the security teams and are making sure they are properly trained. This has reassured me that what happened last year will not happen again. Anyway – check back later for my review!

Inflatables at Shindig Weekender

The good stuff

We are very happy to be going back, as the festival last year was close to being perfect. It was completely family friendly, yet with the sort of line up you rarely see in a small festival. There is a large offering for children, and the best part is – it is ALL FREE! Even the climbing wall. Which was a huge relief for me with three children quite happy to climb all day.

Climbing on rockets

This year they have added even more brilliant stuff for kids. Aardman Workshops are bringing their model making which will thrill my animation-obsessed children. Junkfish will be there with constant arts and crafts. And the absolutely legendary Flying Seagulls.

Have a look at this line-up, and if it’s your sort of music I’ll see you on the dance floor.

Shindig Lineup 2019