Mummy Festival Fashion

Last year I wrote of my quest to find suitable festival fashion for pregnancy and thanks to New Look I managed to achieve this.

This year my quest is to find my Ultimate Mummy Festival Uniform.

As a breastfeeding mum, I need to think of what tops to wear.  My favourite, favourite breastfeeding tops are by  I love that they are fun and funky and not frumpy they also hide that post baby mummy tummy which gets worse with every baby.  And they’re not expensive either.

These tops make feeding easy and discreet, and it means your regular tops won’t get stretched from constant lifting. My usual festival uniform has always been funky tights and a tight skirt but due to the lumps and bumps that have appeared after having two children I think its the turn of a cheap denim skirt or shorts to team with those funky tights. Tights are preferable over leggings or jeans because if it rains it dries quicker and I am not one of those people that can get away with wearing just shorts!

I’m not a great fan of the wellies-regardless-of- the-weather look. Wellies have their place but in the mud and rain but NOT on a dry festival site.  They aren’t the most supportive of footwear or very comfortable and if worn constantly they are a pain to get off at the end of the day. (It took a good 20 minutes for my husband to yank my wellies off at Glastonbury 2005, even then it was a bit of an Enormous Turnip moment!)

If you are a regular festival-goer, it really is worth investing in some decent walking shoes or boots and sandals. I have both and although the sandals aren’t particularly pretty they are comfortable and there is nothing worse than having sore feet at a festival.  Good camping shops like Cotswold Outdoor carry a great range.

baby at playfestTo finish off my funky mummy festival uniform I will be carrying my son in a soft structured carrier from These are the ultimate in funky mum accessories as they come in a variety of very cool designs, they are very easy to use and very comfortable and they are also reversible to a plain black side meaning that they are unisex.  The main reason why I think this sort of carrier is a good option for a festival is because it fastens with buckles making it quick and easy to put on and means no trailing straps in the mud!  If you are interested in babywearing and carriers, please read my other blog on Babywearing.

So if you see me at a festival with my stripy tights, stetson with pink flowers on and my funky baby carrier while pushing an all terrain buggy festooned with glow sticks and fairy lights please come and say Hello!

Jess x