5 Tips for Preparing for a Festival Family Holiday

Now that ‘the beast from the east’ finally seems to be loosening its iron grip on Britain, it’s time to start looking ahead to the long-awaited summer days and start planning which festivals you are going to go to this year.

With over 55 major UK festivals out there, not to mention the smaller local ones, choosing where to go when you have little ones in tow is not straightforward but equally not impossible (or even an unenjoyable task). The key to a relaxing holiday is to just make sure you have ironed out the details before hand. So to help you out, we have compiled a list of 5 things to make sure you have done before you set off.

1. Do your research

Family friendly festivals have been on the rise since the early noughties and as such it is easy to relax and book a festival with a line up you are keen on. Though going to a festival that you, as well as your kids, will enjoy is to be thoroughly encouraged its worth just taking a little extra time to make sure that your chosen gig is indeed family friendly.

After all there is a huge difference between festivals which are primarily for adults but allow under 18s to ones that have in built children’s workshops and performers. From big names like Bestival and Latitude to more boutique options like the Wychwood Festival there’s plenty of choice to make sure you and the kids have fun.

2. Plan your accommodation

Though you might have been happy to sleep where you fell when you were a solo festival goer, the action requires a little more thought when you have a family to think of a 8 hours to snatch.

You have a few choices here… of course ‘glamping’ is the obvious option for luxury seekers, but it comes at a cost (literally) using Glastonbury as a benchmark a 6-man teepee will set you back £995 before you even factor in the price of a ticket. For the more traditional, I would advise planning and pitching your tent well away from ravers, slopes, and bogs as the key to sleeping success.

For luxury seekers working on a budget, consider renting your own bell tent or campervan from sites like Fat Lama.

3. Check the weather

It sounds obvious but as we all know the weather can be super unpredictable in a british summer. You are just as likely to need a waterproof onesie as a you are sun tan lotion. My advice is to pack both and several pairs of spare socks and trousers. In fact ALL the spare socks you will never have enough pairs in the event of a mud bath.

In the event of good weather, if you are outside all day it’s really important to make sure that you and your kids are not over exposed to the sun. The last thing you need is a child with sunstroke on your hands especially if you haven’t got easy access to cold running water. An umbrella in this scenario can be invaluable as a rain and sun protector and of course pack hats!

4. Take a marker pen

An old but a very useful trick. It may not look fantastic, but writing your phone number on your child’s arm/ hand in an indelible pen is a very sensible move safety wise.

Think about it, in the worst case scenario, if you lose your child for any reason they are so much more likely to be returned to you straight away if your number is on them.

With the best intentions even the most attentive parent can lose sight of a wandering child in a crowd, this way hopefully the whole situation can be resolved without having to alert security

5. Be proactive

Once you have got your tent or camper set up it is tempting to kick back and relax and indeed you should definitely factor time in to do this – you’re on holiday after all! However, be careful to time your relaxation well as many of the major kid’s attractions take place in the morning so it’s worth checking the itinerary before you do.

If you are going with your partner, family or friends it might even be worth taking turns on the childminding every now and again so that all the adults have chance to unwind and see some great music/ shows as well.

Festivals can be truly magical places for adults and children alike and if you take the time to plan it right then they can be as memorable an experience for you and your children as any Disneyland trip!

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