Fairport’s Cropredy Convention

8th - 10th August 2024

Location: Cropredy, near Banbury, Oxfordshire

Website: www.fairportconvention.com

The little village welcomes up to 20,000 music lover’s every August. The festivities begin on Thursday afternoon and end at midnight on Saturday.

Highlights for kids and families

This special festival has many loyal fans who return year after year. These fans have children and indeed grandchildren who attend giving this festival a unique family feel and a strong sense of tradition. There are also many newcomers who join the ‘family’ each year.

Cropredy is very family friendly. On a Friday and Saturday afternoon there is formal children’s entertainment where you can learn circus skills, take part in a play and have a huge amount of fun chasing very large inflatables around, usually through and over the crowds!

The entertainment is all based in one field, which is sloping with the stage at the bottom and the children’s entertainment at the top. Despite this being a big festival it has a reputation for being safe and trouble free.  It promises to be a weekend filled with good music, good beer, good food, good fun and good cheer.

Site, Facilities and Camping:

There are half a dozen sites for festival goers to camp on, with showers and toilets and food available on all sites. There is a specific ‘family-field’ where there is a no-noise rule after 11pm.

See the festival website for tickets and line up: