End of the Road Festival

30th August - 2nd September 2018

Location: Larmer Tree Gardens, Dorset/Wilts borders

Size: 14,000

Website: endoftheroadfestival.com

Highlights for Families

End of the Road prides itself on being an intimate and friendly festival. 
It’s a festival that everyone can enjoy and families are warmly welcomed and catered for. There is a dedicated children’s and family area.

The camping is very close to the action because the site is so small – this means there isn’t too much of a trek to get back to your tent if you’ve forgotten something.

Loads of things going on: lots of music on small stages and tents around the site, comedy tent, cinema tent, healing retreat, workshops, art installations and even a Woodland Library.

The festival ethos is to provide music lovers with a magical experience and an escape from the daily grind. The food provided is as organic as possible, along with a good selection of high quality local ales.

The Site, Camping and Facilities

The festival site is in the stunning grounds of the Larmer Tree Gardens. There are peacocks wandering around free range and roosting in the huge trees.  There are exotic macaws too.

The site has lots of open spaces and wooded areas to explore and a fantastic adventure playground for kids.  The festival site is small and easy to get around.  The forests are strewn with fairy lit paths that lead to a hidden Victorian piano stage, a library that winds around a beautiful old tree, the famous flashy dance floor, and many more breath-taking surprises. Plus the dedicated children’s and family area will offer more performances, workshops and activities than ever before. There is also a games area (with table tennis, bowling and more) located between the fairy light woods and the Garden Stage.

There is a dedicated family camping area at the festival. It is located close to essentials, like toilets, water and showers, as well as the children’s entertainment.

There are a number of Information Points, First Aid Station, as well as steward and security points who will all help you to have a pleasant festival experience. However, they will be giving children wristbands that you can write your mobile number on – this way, one of the festival team of stewards will be able to call you and reunite you with your children as soon as possible should you become separated from your little one for any reason!


Great time lapse of the EOTR set up:

End of the Road Setups Pt.2 from End of the Road Films on Vimeo.