Farmer Phil’s Music Festival

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Location: Shropshire

Size: 2,000


Could this be the best kept secret in the small festival world?

Set on farmland in the glorious Shropshire countryside, it has all the hallmarks of a perfect little festival: real campfires, circus tent (courtesy of Panic Circus), storytelling, craft tent, puppet shows, fancy dress, workshops, spacious camping, comedy, open mic, discussions, 40+ bands, an acoustic stage and of course a main stage.

One of the biggest attractions for many is that you can camp for a whole week when you purchase a weekend ticket, meaning you can explore the beautiful walks around the farm in the days before the main dancing and merriment begins.

Firewood can be bought at the festival.

Plenty of space for both wild outdoor play and quiet reflection and meditation.

Quiet Family Camping (on the flat), flush toilets, yurts and tipis, and you can park by your tent…

Great line up.