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One of the biggest excuses we hear from parents for not taking their kids to festivals is the fear of getting all the camping equipment from the car to their pitch.

Other excuses like the dreaded toilets and not wanting to sleep in a tent we can’t help with, but here’s a little guide to some of the easiest festivals in the UK to camp with kids.


With the carefree pre-kids days of packing little more than a sleeping bag and a bottle of vodka well behind most of us, the idea of a festival with kids can be daunting.

For those that have experienced the freedom of arriving at a festival as a teenager with a small backpack on a National Express coach, then leaving with little more than a pocket full of fabulous memories and very matted hair, many parents just can’t be bothered.

Travelling light
Camping with only a small pack

There’s no denying, taking kids to festivals requires some dedicated planning and sensible packing. You are unlikely to have a great weekend with little ones if all you pack is tutus and glitter!

There are festivals that make it easy for families. The simple idea of being able to camp within reach of your car makes a BIG difference. Especially to festival newcomers.

Parking within arms reach means you can squeeze as much as is humanly possible into your car without having to worry about how you are going to transport the kids and kitchen sink halfway across a festival.

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Elderflower Fields

Parking Friendly Festivals

Here, in alphabetical order, are the festivals we know of which allow you to camp with your car, or at least drop your stuff close to your pitch before parking. They are generally the smaller events due to the health and safety at bigger events making it more tricky.

Please comment below if you know of other festivals where you can camp with your car. These tips are gathered from our readers; if you are involved in any of these festivals please let us know of any errors. Thanks!

Burton Agnes Festival – Campers are allowed to have their car parked next to, or near, their tent

Elderflower Fields – Camp next to your car if you pre-book a campervan pitch (pictured above). These are 9 x 6 meters and as many tents can camp on it as you wish (max 1 vehicle). Thanks for the tip Sarah Jones

Fairport’s Cropredy Convention – Camp by your car and it’s super friendly! Thanks Emily Marshall

Farmer Phil’s Festival – Camp next to your car, tents, campers, caravans all park together. Thanks Laura-Jayne, Lesley Speed and Kevin

Lakefest – Pre-bookable camping pitches allow you to camp with your car. Thanks Martin Newell

Mello Festival – Camp with your car

Shrewsbury Folk Festival – Camp with your car. Thanks Edd Farmer

Three Wishes Faery Festival – Camp with your car. Thanks Tania Watkins

Wildfire Festival – Camp with your car. Thanks Dave Ritchie

And the rest (park a stone’s throw from your car)

Into The Trees – Park in the same field just a minute or two from the car

Nozstock The Hidden Valley – Car park is very close to family camping (two ticks according to the website!). Thanks Kevin Bolton

Warwick Folk Festival – Park near your car and it’s a lovely flat site too. With a swimming pool! Thanks Emma Sharman

England's Medieval Festival

Let us know if you know of more easy festivals where you can camp with your car.

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  1. Starry Skies changed venue for 2018, and this year we had a lot of dragging, lifting and wheeling to do towards our chosen pitch 🙁

    1. I’m sorry to hear that Russell, but thanks for the update. It was great in previous years to be able to drop off your stuff before moving your car to the car park. I guess the new venue just doesn’t allow for that, I’ll remove them from this post.

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