Flags and Windsocks Guide

dragonwindsockSpinners, flags and windsocks are fun and colourful. They can help your children find their way back to your tent, as well as brightening up your festival pitch.

They are also fantastic if you are arranging to meet up with friends at the festival. Just tell them the rough location of your tent and which flag to look out for!

There are many different designs on the market. You can choose something special for you and your family, depending on your budget.

Essential Kit

As well as choosing your decoration, you need to get it in the air! For this you need a flag pole, a ground stake and some bungees or cord.


We recommend getting a proper telescopic flag pole. These have been specifically designed for this purpose, so have the right strength to stand up to the wind. They also have the advantage of telescoping down, making them easy to pack

Alternative cheap option: An old tent pole is a very good option, as they are strong and flexible enough. Always make sure whatever you use is flexible so it will sway in the wind rather than break. Don’t forget when making your pole to attach something to the top to stop the flag sliding off!

Ground stake

If you wish to attach the pole to the ground, you will need a ground stake. These swivel so the pole can be free-moving; which helps prevent tangling. If your pole is 6m or higher we recommend getting a stronger ground stake designed to support higher poles.

Alternative cheap option: A strong garden cane or similar. Make sure it’s deep into the ground. The other option is to tie the pole directly to the poles of your tent or gazebo. Make sure it’s not too tight that the pole will be damaged. Use bungees with some padding around the pole to limit damage.

Flag bungees or pole sleeve

These ready made flag bungees are the easiest way of attaching your flag or windsock to your pole. In order to attach more than one windsock it’s worth considering this pole sleeve. It will allow you to attach up to 7 items without needing to use bungees and helps protect your pole.

Alternative cheap option: Any bungee or cord will do! However it’s best not to use cable ties or anything too abrasive as they will damage your flag pole.

What do I put on my pole?

Now you only have to decide on what to put up on your pole!

This is a great way to get involve the children in the festival experience. Get them to choose one, or even better, make your own! All you need is an old sheet and some fabric paint.

Another option is to repurpose an old kite. However some kites need considerable wind to fly so won’t work as well as a proper flag or windsock.

If you don’t have time to make one, there are some brilliant ones out there available to buy.


There’s the classic smiley face


Why not turn your camp into a pirate ship with this flag?

pirate ship flag


Or my favourite, the rainbow love flag!



These are my personal favourites, but there are so many different designs to choose from!

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fish windsock
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Spinners are particularly eye catching, and especially fun for young children. Be aware that in high winds they may make a noise (some are actually designed to do this!)

You can get trailing spinners, that catch the wind, or pole spinners which are designed to spin around the pole. You can combine a pole spinner and a trailing spinner for an amazing spinning display!

balloon spinner
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3 thoughts on “Flags and Windsocks Guide

  1. I have an attractive windsock attached to a good quality telescopic pole on my roof terrace. It is FUN. But, the ties of the windsock get continually ravelled up on the top of the pole. What can you suggest please to solve this problem ?
    best wishes to you all during this awful coronavirus crisis.
    John Burrows OBE Lymington Hampshire

  2. I have a telescopic pole from Life’s a Breeze and a very attractive windsock on my roof terrace on the south coast here in Lymington Hampshire. The problem I have which I don’t seem to be able to solve is that there are cross winds and the connecting strings on the windsock regularly become entangled around the top of the pole. is there any advice you can give as to how attach it so it does not get tangled so often ?

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