Have I got everything? Speed packing for camping trips

family camping tripHow to pack for a family camping trip in 5 minutes!

My husband and daughter set off yesterday for a camping trip with friends for the weekend. Due to feeling under the weather, my baby son and I are staying at home. To help out, I offered to pack the car with the camping gear while the children were napping so that they could get away as soon as my husband got home from work.

Due to excellent organisation of our camping gear this took less than 5 minutes. 1 adult sleeping bag, 1 single mattress, one child’s sleeping bag, 1 ready bed, our middle sized tent (we have 4) and THE BOX.

THE BOX is just a regular plastic box. This box is filled with all the camping bits such as-

camping stove and extra gas canister
cutlery  (including an old knife, wooden spoon and chopping board)
plastic plates, cups, bowls, melamine mugs and plastic wine glasses
kitchen roll and toilet roll
tea towel
dish sponge and washing up liquid
bin bags
duct tape
torch and head torch
waterproof ponchos
old radio
battery air bed pump

In addition to this is THE TIN, this includes bits from takeways and visits to fast food places and coffee shops like –

various sauce sachets
sugar sachets
mini milk bottles
plastic spoons and stirrers

We also like to keep those 3 in 1 coffee sachets, teabags and packets of biscuits in there. Also being in a tin, it keeps out the damp. THE TIN fits very nicely into THE BOX

Then, there is an additional FESTIVAL BOX containing-

2 pairs of ear defenders
3 sets of battery powered fairy lights and spare batteries
a tube of glow sticks
tube of bubble solution

This makes camping and festivalling sooo much easier because you can just pick up the box and go.

The important thing is to remember is to check the stock levels once you get back, there is nothing worse than discovering you have no loo roll!!

– Jessica

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Jessica is a fun-loving gal who refuses to let motherhood thwart her love of festivals, although she will readily admit the experience is a bit different now!  Jessica describes herself as a slightly scruffy stay-at-home hippy mummy and has a love of art and a background in early years education and childcare. She has two children, a little baby boy and an adorable toddler. Jess also blogs for us about pregnancy and festivals and babywearing, amongst other things.

8 thoughts on “Have I got everything? Speed packing for camping trips

  1. We had a pretty organised garage with all our camping gear on shelves, ready to grab and go… but the easiest thing has been getting a campervan and leaving all the bedding, essentials and cooking stuff in it!! kinda cheating though… ;o)

  2. We do stuff a bit like that, only we also have coolbox, tinnned and packet foods box, necessity bag- wipes, tissues, cloths, towels, first aid kit and whatnot- well- its all in boxes but the list is a bit mad!

    1. Zoe, we have a coolbox and dried goods box too which I pack nearer the time, and pack wipes, tisses and first aid bits in the baby changing bag. Know exactly what you mean about it being a bit mad cos you can almost have a bag or a box for everything!

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