2022 Award Winners!

Festival Kidz Award 2022

And the winners of our Festival Kidz 2022 Awards are…

Favourite Family Festival (Under 5s)

Festival Kidz Award 2022

Into the Trees

Into The Trees actively encourages families to enjoy, explore and respect our natural environment. The festival’s emphasis on being outside and in nature particularly appealed to those with young children.

Parent comments:

“Safe family friendly festival with delicious food and chilled out vibe.” “Ecofriendly”

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Favourite Family Festival (Age 5-12)

Festival Kidz Award 2022

Camp Bestival (Dorset)

Camp Bestival is made for families, with a strong line up of music, entertainment and a huge bouncy castle. We have to agree with one of the parent comments: “it has everything”.

Parent comments:

“Camp Bestival has really improved post Covid, there’s so much to do….” “Love Camp Bestival, it has everything”

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Favourite Family Festival (Teens)

Festival Kidz Award 2022

Beautiful Days

Beautiful Days was considered particularly good for teenagers as it has an excellent range of music and activities and yet still feels safe for our older kids.

Parent comments:

“a lovely safe space.” “friendly and welcoming” “Beautiful days has such a great atmosphere and feels very safe and inclusive of our children”

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Favourite Family Activity Provider

Festival Kidz Award 2022

Bearded Theory’s School

A truly special place, parents describe it as ‘unique’ and it literally is, as the only Ofsted registered festival school. There were so many comments in praise of the school, particularly its support for SEND children.

Parent comments:

“… he probably learnt more in a day than in a week at regular school”

“Children feel safe there and experience new things”

“My children and I have attended Bearded Theory for a few years now. Each year they have attended the school there and the volunteers have been amazing. My children come out bursting to tell me what they have been up to and showing me what they have made. They put on activities in the children’s area for the whole weekend not just the Friday while the official school is on. There is so much for them to do and my boys have spent a whole day doing activities rather than seeing the bands.”

“Bearded Theory’s school is magical from start to finish, so much thought into all the classes and the teachers work really hard on making it a very special day for everyone, including those with additional needs who are provided with a TA for the day! Seeing the children finish the school day with the biggest smiles on their faces just feels great!”

Favourite Family Activity Provider (runner up)

Festival Kidz Award 2022

Jitterbug Circus

As the vote was incredibly close in this category, with less than half a percent vote difference between first and second, we have decided to give an additional runner up award to Jitterbug Circus. There were many comments praising their performance, humour and inclusivity.

Parent comments:

“Jitterbug Circus make the children feel so special…remembering them from one year to the next.”

“.. a great opportunity for the kids to try circus equipment, they’re so patient and kind and their shows are hilarious!”

“.. my daughter was taught to stilt walk by them, including ‘kangaroo’ stilts, which she has taken to greater heights, including wierd cosplay costumes! They very kindly put me on stilts after a stroke damaged my balance and spent hours with me until my confidence returned. An amazing bunch, great with kids of all ages.”

“Jitterbug are so fun- kids love it and it’s also funny for the parents watching too. So interactive, inclusive, something for everyone in the family”

Favourite Family Music

Festival Kidz Award 2022

Big Fish Little Fish

Festival Kidz went to one of the first Big Fish Little Fish events in 2013 and since then they have played at many festivals and clubs, including regular sold out gigs at Fabric. They help to get families together, and give children a love of dancing and music. Well done BFLF, see you on the dancefloor!

Parent comments:

“Bringing families together through a love of rave!”

“Their events were some of the most fun my kids had all year.”

“Fab music, great atmosphere and DJ’s”

“Love BFLF as we can revisit our raving days and still have a great time as a family”

“I love that my kids can share the raving experience with me! We all have a great time”

Favourite Family Entertainer

Festival Kidz Award 2022

Dan the Hat

The comments from parents contained a massive outpouring of love for Dan the Hat which was wonderful to read. Dan the Hat’s hilariously silly act has been entertaining people for 20 years. Long may he continue!

Parent comments:

“Dan the Hat is hands down the best festival entertainer out there. His mixture of amazing juggling and sardonic humour hits the mark with kids and parents alike. It also helps that he is a top bloke.”

“Dan the Hat’s sense of humour meets parent’s and children’s continually albeit on very different levels!”

“Dan the Hat has an incredible talent which must have taken so much practice and dedication. His interaction with his audience is amazing and perfectly balanced. I watch the children AND the adults and his humour, impromptu performances and personality shines through from start to finish.”

“My kids and their friends go to at least 3 festivals a year that Dan the hat goes to. They watch every show he does, sometimes three a day. The first performance they saw of Dan’s, was about 9 years ago. The kids talk about him all of the time, and continue to watch him with big smiles and lots of laughter all these years on. He has been so inspiring, that my eldest child has started teaching juggling workshops.”

Favourite Child-friendly Food Stall

Festival Kidz Award 2022

Anna Mae’s Mac & Cheese

This gorgeous food stall hands out some of the best kids’ portions of food on the festival circuit. So many of our children love that oozing creamy filling yellow stuff! They even have a recipe book out if you want to try to make it yourself.

Parent comments:

“Great pasta” “Mac and cheese makes everyone full and happy” “our daughters fav food is Mac and cheese”

Favourite Family Shop

Festival Kidz Award 2022

Bubble Inc

This festival stalwart has been entertaining our kids with all things bubbles for more than 20 years. Thank you Samsam Bubbleman!

Parent comments:

“Bubbleinc staff are incredibly engaged with children, and seem to get as much love from the bubbles as the children and adults do. Bringing out everyone’s inner bubble. This is the stall that keeps giving decade after decade!”

“…most joyous shop ever” “Bubbles Inc has been around as long as me.”

“my daughter being put inside a bubble at bubble inc when she was 4 years old, her tiny little mind was blown”

Thank you to all who voted, and all your comments which we enjoyed reading.

And thank you to all the people who make festivals so very special for our children.