Best kids’ entertainers for grown-ups!

Lost your twinkle twinkle? Incey Wincey finally driven you round the bend? If you really couldn’t give a monkeys how many bags of wool he really had, then it’s time to rethink your kids entertainers at festivals.

Me and MC Rocky Patch from Junior Jungle (Image Credit: Boomtown)

After spending more hours than I care to imagine in kids’ fields at festivals up and down the country  the mere mention of ‘kids entertainers’ sends a shiver down my spine.

I once got trapped at a rainy Camp Bestival in the big top by a barricade of festival carts and preschoolers painfully watching a show not to be mentioned with a savage hangover. It was after a rather late night and my smallest child was on the cusp of melt down number 3. Upset the grumpy looking parents by skilfully trying to tiptoe over their kids or endure the stage show and stay dry? We got wet and I found a quiet corner to throw up. #BadParent

The art of entertaining small children without torturing parents is a fine one. The balance between engaging young minds for more than 30 seconds while making adults smile. Something to be mastered. Here are my top 5 kids entertainers that parents will love too. Please add yours in the comments below.

If you’re happy and you know it – escape the norm!

Junior Jungle – Love, love, love these guys. If you dig a bit of drum and bass or Jungle but not quite ready to charge the dance tent with the kids then check out the tunes of DJ Nick Terrific. These guys have a serious amount of energy and the brilliant MC Rocky Patch delivers on a whole new adult level to make you smile while stirring the kids up into a wild frenzy. If they aren’t on the bill at a festival you are heading to then check our their Facebook page for small gigs up and down the country.

Nick Cope – He has been with us on many long road trips and even though our kids are growing they still join in the sing-a-long. Thanks Nick for tearing them away from the screens! A fine musician, Nick’s brilliant collection of catchy tunes are loved by all. His captivating simple performances give you that warm fuzzy feeling and make the world feel better. Nick Cope can be found at a few festivals and other locations. Check his Facebook page and watch the videos.

Shlomo – Growing up surrounded by hip-hop and wanna-be rude boys I have a love hate relationship with rapping. Although he’s not a traditional kids entertainer, Shlomo is a fantastic performer who owns the stage. There’s usually a section of his show where he invites children up onto the stage and teaches them the beatboxing basics, which is always an exciting part of the festival for hip-hopping wannabees. Kids are totally mesmerised by his vocal skills and if you can cope with them beat-boxing for the rest of the day he is a winner all round to see. See Festival Kidz’ interview with Shlomo.

Headstrung Puppet Theatre – Thought puppets were boring? Headstrung bringing a cheeky sense of humour to the world of puppetry that will have to laughing out loud. Specialising in puppet cabaret acts and interactive street theatre Headstrung perform at outdoor events, arts and puppetry festivals and late night cabarets across the UK. They also curate the Smoking Puppet tent at Shambala Festival. See their Facebook page for details of their current shows.

The Flying Seagulls – Currently taking smiles and joy across the globe these wonderful folk understand that the language of laughter is universal. The Flying Seagull Project is a troupe of clowns, magicians, circus performers and musicians taking smiles to those in need. We first discovered them many years ago on the festival scene and they still deliver every time. Support their brilliant work on via their Facebook page.

Flying Seagulls

Add your recommendations for kids entertains that adults love too below.

See you in a field somewhere this summer!


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  1. I have caught Fiery Jack by accident at a few festivals, and have always had to stop to watch the show (whether the kids are with me or not!). I really recommend heading over if he is on the bill!

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