Christmas gift ideas for festival families and beyond

funzeeStruggling with Christmas ideas for your family?

Socks are great for festival goers of any age but we think you can be a little more creative than that.

Here are just a few ideas from us.

Our obvious suggestion is gifting festival tickets. Many events still have early bird tickets, saving money and gifting an experience to look forward to later in the year. If you are looking for inspiration visit our map and calendar or check out our 2014 Festival Kidz award winners coming very soon.

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kelly kettle

Bum flap onesies – Funzee have some really funky designs including a rather clever onesie with flap which has obvious benefits in festival toilets! £28

Kelly Kettle – A fabulous bit of kit for campers that is so simple to use and lasts a lifetime. It boils in a few minutes in any weather and using virtually any fuel (a few sticks or pine cones will do). They come in various sizes from around £35 or around £60 as a complete cooking kit.

vw tent

VW Tent – Obviously a real VW would be a marvellous Christmas present for any festival lover but this is the next best thing. £50 kids version £300 full size.

Light up toys– Frisbees, hulahoops, diablos, juggling balls, etc. All great for any festival kid.

Lego campervan – Another great idea for campervanatics and available in various versions. £15-£100

Solar speakers – Are a brilliant invention. Most now use wireless technology straight from the tunes on your phone or ipod.

Camping gear – A little sneaky I suppose, but if you know you need some new camping gear or fancy a snazzy fire pit then winter is a great time to pick up some bargains and kit yourself out for the summer.

talolo boots

Talolo Boots – Phsychadelic Cowboy Wellies! Talolo boots are some of the funkiest wellies we have come across in festival fields this year. What’s not to love? £35


Bodum Coffee Travel Press – An absolute must for any coffee loving camper.  Trust us. You will never camp again without it! Around £20

Opposuit Festival Suit – We love these at Festival Kidz. Some super funky designs including a couple of rather splendid Christmas ones! £60

opposuit xmas

Home-made family flag – This is a cute idea if you want to get creative. Use an old duvet or sheet and get the kids to help design a family flag as a Christmas gift. You can even keep adding to it each festival you attend a little like a journey stick. Wrap it up for your loved one with a flag pole and never lose your pitch at a festival again!

Hope some of these ideas have been of use.

This year I’m making an effort to avoid lots of unwanted gifts for the kids so am working on some home made vouchers for family activities to give them. Collecting memories and not things has become more and more important to me as they get older and each year we now create a memory jar which we open at the end of the year. It’s stuffed full of festival wristbands and lots of happy mementos so I’m really looking forward to opening it in a few weeks.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Festival Kidz HQ