Halloween Costume Ideas


My children love dressing up, so October is a very special month in the Festival Kidz year.

If you’re short of costume ideas, have a look at the suggestions below!

Budget Costumes (under £5)

A cheap Halloween costume doesn’t always have to mean a white sheet with eyeholes! Here are some possible costumes that are easy to make (or if you don’t have the time there’s a link to a cheap ready made one)

Then in order to complete the affect you can add accessories, which are cheap to buy but give the costume a more professional look.

Make your own – Bat

Bats are great fun – children love to pretend to fly around the room and hang upside down! This is very easy to make. All you need is an old dark coloured long sleeved  top or jumper (a hoodie works best), a dark sheet and some felt.

If you have a hoodie, sew squares of felt to the hood to make ears. With the jumper on your child and their arms out, pin the sheet across their back so it wraps around their arms loosely like a second pair of sleeves (this is so that they can take the wings off if they want to). Make sure it’s loose enough that they can bend their arms. Then sew it all together. If you don’t have a hoodie to use, you could make or buy a bat mask.

Accessories – add a bat mask, teeth, or mask and cape

Make your own – Spider

This is a fun one to make, and it’s unusual so you might find your child is the only spider at the party! For this you need a black long sleeve top and three pairs of black tights. Cut the legs of the tights off, stuff them with cotton wool or newspaper then sew them to the top in two rows under the sleeves. Then use string or wool to attach the ‘feet’ to the ends of the sleeves, so that when your child raises their arms, all the other arms raise too!

Accessories –add little plastic spiders

Make your own – Witch

This is a good costume to make with your child, as they can help with the colouring and decorations. You can make a hat easily out of a circle of card (cut a smaller circle inside the larger circle the size of your child’s head) and another cone of card to make the peak. Then cut spiders out of cardboard and attach to any party dress. You can complete the look with a toy cat or rat.

Accessories – add a witches hat, witches broomstick, little plastic spiders, black cat