Top Teens Festival Workshops

Our children are now teens and too old for most of the kids’ field, so we need to pick festivals with lots of additional activities.

In 2023 our family are visiting WOMAD for the first time, a festival known for its packed programme of workshops and activities – more than 80 adult, and 200 children’s workshops in science, art, musical instruments, dance, health and well being – there’s enough to keep children with any interests occupied.

Dance class at WOMAD

I asked my children to look through the schedule and choose what they were most looking forward to trying out. Here are their recommendations (and my own too! I love a festival workshop!)

To find your favourites, you need to download the WOMAD app – you can select what you want to see and add them to your personal schedule.

Jay Jones (16)

Dance Roots Africa Flash Mob

Your chance to be part of the first WOMAD Flash Mob at Charlton Park – with Dance Roots Africa. Exploring Beat, Afro-Fusion, Calypso, Brazillian Samba and many other forms of dance.

(See the video below, and head to the Flash Mob page for more details!)

‘Moonscales’ – a soundscape for Museum of the Moon

Sound artist Jason Singh will create a new soundwork for Museum of the Moon. Moonscales is a series of immersive soundscapes inspired by the moon cycle and created from electrical biodata from 8 ask trees in the Select Forest. Through a process of converting electrical fluctuations in the trees into music, Jason creates a triangular communion between nature, art and place.

“This looks fascinating. I am a music nerd and hearing music created from nature interests me. “

Museum of the moon womad

Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys Foraging For Their Supper

Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys conjuring up a richly flavoured risotto with foraged flowers and plants and serving up his homemade elderflower cordial.

“I find foraging cool and I would like to see how they make a meal from it. “

Edward Tripp

Edward Tripp is a Northern Irish Spoken Word Artist, Comedian and Visual Artist.

“He uses comedy, spoken word, visual arts and music which I think is an interesting combo”

Morilie Taiwo – Afro-fusion dance workshop

A fusion of West African Afrobeats, Jamaican Dancehall, and the rhythm of South American raggaeton, expect 100% happy vibes.

“It’s dance, I like dancing!”

WOMAD dance

The Kora workshop

Hold and play these beautiful 21-string West African Harps. Popular, free, beginner workshops.

“I love the sound of an instrument and it’ll be cool to learn one I haven’t tried before”

Kora workshop

Charlotte Jones (13)


This year in celebration of World Embroidery Day we will be channeling your creativity into decorative stitches to produce bunting.

“It would be fun creating an image with thread and experiment with a different style of art”

womad flags

Beginners Skateboard Lessons with Malmesbury Skate Park Group

Malmesbury Skate Park Group is a local charity run by keen volunteer skateboarders brining skateboarding to the masses.. the group have brought their miniramp for shredders of all ages to come and have a go! Beginners welcome.

“It would be good to have a go and see if I would want to continue doing it as a hobby”

Teenager/Young Adult Ukulele Workshop with Uke Lift Project

Come along for a song and a strum! The song sheets and ukuleles are provided. No experience is necessary! We will teach you how to strum a couple of songs and give you a song sheet to continue learning after WOMAD.

“I already know some basics of the ukulele so playing with other people would be a lot of fun.”

Violin at WOMAD 2016
Violin workshop

Naomi Jones

‘Build your own solar charger’

Find out how USB chargers and solar power works by creating your own. In this workshop you’ll learn about photovoltaic solar cells, and how we can assemble them in series to power our pocket devices.

“I’m a bit of a Science nerd so I’m interested in the whole World of Physics programme. I’ve never made a solar charge so this workshop looks both fascinating and practical.”

WOMAD 2017
World of Physics

Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy bring just that to their Ghanaian Dish

Alogte’s crew will spice up your up your life with their Joloff rice that packs a punch and leaves you wanting more.

“I love spicy food, this looks right up my street.”

Taste of womad

Jamie Linwood Xylophones with Mrisi Makondo-Wills

Join Jamie and Mrisi for a hands on workshop learning interlocking xylophone patterns on the huge (Ugandan) embaire xylophone for adults. Teaching interlocking log xylophone techniques from Central Africa.

“The xylophone is a beautiful instrument but I’ve never had any tuition on it. I’d love to learn some rhythms and play it with other people.”

Which Workshops Will You Choose?

Here are some of the workshops on offer – which would you go to?

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