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Festival Kidz was contacted by Bike Trailer Hire, a company that hires equipment such as bike trailers, strollers and child carriers. We thought this was a great idea to save families money while helping the environment by reusing items.

But how does it all work? Sarah from Bike Trailer Hire has written a useful guide below to answer all your questions.

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What, why and how!

(Guest blog post by Sarah from Bike Trailer Hire)

Are you looking for a Kids Bike Trailer, Jogging Stroller or Child Carrier to transport your little ones around a festival?

Before you leap into buying, why not consider hiring? Hiring gives you the opportunity to try before you buy, compare models and means you won’t be left having to get rid of it if you decide it’s not for you.

What does Bike Trailer Hire offer?

We offer a range of kids bike trailers, jogging strollers and child carriers for hire. We stock brands such as Burley, Osprey and Out n About giving affordable and flexible choices.

We operate as an online business delivering nationwide.

Over the last few years we have seen demand with customers hiring trailers, strollers and child carriers for festivals.

Hiring vs buying?

Advantages of hire

  • Cost effective: Top quality trailers for festivals can be pricey items to purchase outright: some of the top end Burley Trailers can fetch north £750 compared with hire from £35 for two weeks. For many of us, it doesn’t make sense to go out and buy a brand new kids bike trailer. Kids grow up and out of things so fast.
  • Try Before you buy: It’s particularly daunting to spend this kind of money on a new trailer, stroller or carrier if you aren’t sure if your little one (s) are going to like it. What happens if they hate it? If you hire from us then at the end of the hire period you can choose whether to keep the trailer or buy it.
  • Hassle free: We offer door to door delivery, with flexible hire periods, from a long weekend to a longer 8 week hire.
  • International Visitors: Maybe you’re visiting the UK from abroad and don’t want to bring your trailer with you? Bike Trailer Hire is perfect for these kinds of situation.
  • No need for storage: One of the downsides of buying is where you keep your trailer when not using it. If you’re living somewhere without much storage, where are you going to keep it?! This is where hire comes into its own – you can just send the trailer back!
  • Sustainable: If you care about the environment, there’s a lot to be said for hiring the product that you like… and only when you need it.

Disadvantages of Hire

  • Warranties: If you decide to purchase the trailer you’ve hired and it is pre-loved then you should be aware there will be no warranty.
  • Borrow as an alternative: If you are able to be borrow from a friend – plus you live somewhere with tons of storage, perhaps the balance of hire v borrow looks a little different!

But for the rest of us, hire usually makes a lot of sense!

trailer with lights

Which Trailer to hire?

There are a few questions we always ask customers who are considering Bike Trailer hire, to help ensure they pick the right trailer for their needs:

  • Age of your kids: Some strollers such as the Out & About Nipper Sport are suitable for kids up to age 4, the Burley trailers are suitable up to kids age 6 or 7.
  • Single or Double?: One of the first questions we ask is “Will you need pram to accommodate one or two kids?
  • Storage Capacity?: How much extra storage space are you looking for?
  • Usage – festival use only?: Will you be using the trailer purely for the festival or would you like to use for other cycling, hiking and jogger adventures too?

Things to consider when hiring?

When hiring a trailer, stroller or child carrier there are a few things to consider depending on which type item you opt for:

  • Trailers are maintained- new vs pre loved: The hire equipment is sent out from our serviced and maintained pool of hire equipment. All equipment is fully cleaned, serviced and safety checked before being sent out. If you do want a brand new, un-used item then we offer this for an additional fee.
  • Check your car space: Make sure you check your car space. The last thing you want when you are loading the car to head down to your festival is to discover the items won’t fit! That said most of our hire items comfortable fit in most cars.
  • Set up and practice at home first: We recommend practicing set up/ disassembling at home – get used to the trailer before the festival
  • Decide your hire duration: We offer various hire durations from 3 days to 12 weeks
  • Consider delivery & collection timings: We deliver Monday to Fridays so do put some thought into your hire timings to make sure you are available for your hire period and get the most from it!
  • Useful add-ons for festivals: You may wish to consider hiring some useful add ons such as extra UV & Rain Covers, Baby Snugglers, Foot Muffs. Prepare for wet weather and sunny weather.

How does Bike Trailer Hire Work?

If you’re feeling ready to give Bike Trailer Hire a go, here is the process to hire a trailer from us:

Step 1: Order online

  • Visit our website and choose your hire item/s.
  • Select your hire duration and start date.
  • Fill in all your hire details.
  • Then go through to the shipping and checkout pages.

Step 2: Receive your delivery

  • You will receive delivery tracking details once your hire is on its way to you.
  • Your  hire item will be delivered straight to your door.
  • Item/s are delivered in reusable packaging with all return instructions.

Step 3: Enjoy your festival

  • Have fun and share your festival fun with us.

Step 4: Return or purchase

  • Return your hire item/s by a courier collection which we arrange for you or you can arrange your own return (we recommend using a tracked service).
  • Purchase ‘the ultimate try before you buy’. Subject to availability you will be able to purchase the trainer you have hired or you will be able to order a new one.
  • Extend your hire.

If you are interested in hiring then visit our website.

– Sarah, Bike Trailer Hire

Thank you Sarah! If any of our readers hire a stroller or trailer, please do come back here and let us know how it went.

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