AEFES Alternative Education Festival

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Location: Park Farm Caravan & Camp Site, Park Farm, Junction Road, Bodiam, East Sussex TN32 5XF


AEFES is an annual, community run, alternative education festival that allows people to develop and share their experiences and skills in a democratic and environmentally friendly setting. 

AEFES emerged from discussions that took place in the wake of the demise of the long running home education festival, HESFES, in the spring of 2016. While most of those involved with developing AEFES have a background in the home education community the name of the festival recognises, and wishes to encompass, many other alternative forms of education.

The first AEFES took place in Bodium, East Sussex in July 2016. The festival was attended by over 250 people and, despite being organised in just three months, was an amazing success. Now in our second year, AEFES has established itself as a community of adults, teenagers and children all working in unity to create a festival where all voices can be heard, all opinions considered and where all decisions can be made in a democratic and magical setting.

AEFES is an amazing experience for people of all ages. A variety of workshops, discussions and debates take place every day followed by a full evening of entertainment. Everyone in the AEFES community is encouraged to learn and develop skills, both in terms of running workshops and getting involved in the running of the festival. AEFES also offers a platform for people attending the festival to develop their performing arts talents during the evening entertainment programme.

AEFES is a child and family friendly festival that provides a safe space for everyone who chooses to join us. AEFES want the festival to be inclusive and offers one affordable ticket price for all with the option to make an additional donation. The festival also has a green ethos and strives to promote sustainable living. Where possible we use renewable energy, environment friendly supplies and local recycling facilities.