26th - 30th June 2024

Location: Worthy Farm, Pilton

Size: A whopping 210,000!


Glastonbury is set in 1,100 acres of beautiful countryside at Worthy Farm.  Expect something like 3,000 performances at 100 or so venues including music, cabaret, theatre, circus, poetry, green crafts and so much more. 

It’s more than just the music! Some would say this is the biggest and best festival in the world to take kids to.

Its Kidz Field alone has seven acres of theatre activities. Storytelling, arts and crafts and an NCT tent that hosts ‘bath time’ for all babies. Schedule a time and there will be a clean warm baby bath full of organic bubble and free use of biodegradable nappies and creams and wipes. You can clean those little tots to your heart’s content.

Would you take a newborn to Glastonbury just 5 days after an emergency c-section?  Louise did! And if you think 38 is too old to trapeze then read about Festival Kidz mum Sarah who gave it a go at Glastonbury in 2013.

Glastonbury is hard work… but no pain no gain!  The site is huge and it would take years to discover it all.  You need to be prepared in every way and have all the right ‘equipment’.  And to make sure you are ready, read everything you can on this site, the Glastonbury website, and all over the Internet to help you prepare for your epic festival journey!

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