20th - 23rd July 2023

Location: Bromyard, Herefordshire

Size: 5,000


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A festival built from a curious amalgamation of performance, art, electronic supersounds and good old-fashioned guitar-strumming and drum-bashing.

This small family-run event now in its 18th year is set in a beautiful rural part of Herefordshire. It started life as a party for relatives and friends and has grown organically over the years into an experience where a sense of belonging still holds true. There is a warm, inclusive welcome, synonymous with the small festival experience, an ethos of fun and participation, and an incredible array of entertainments. With over six stages and many nooks, crannies and secret wooded glades to discover Nozstockers are invited on a journey of discovery through the dingles and the dells of this magical site.

The Hidden Valley is landscaped around a ramshackle Tudor farmhouse. It sits behind the main ORCHARD STAGE and is set at the foot of a natural arena on the side of the gently sloping valley. Alongside the farmhouse is the GARDEN STAGE, which provides a more eclectic line up, turning electronic by sundown whilst converted cowshed the CUBICLES pushes out sub-thumping bass, this year hosted on Saturday by the legendary drum ‘n bass label RAM Records. With further music (including a new electro-swing stage), theatre, comedy stages and tents dotted around the site Nozstock offers a cornucopia of wonders to explore.

Little Wonderland

With more to offer than ever before you’ll be having just as much fun in Little Wonderland as the kids! Set deep in the Dingle, children will be kept thrilled and busy for hours in a safe and engaging environment.

Sofas offer a cosy retreat while the youngsters enjoy themselves and it’s near enough to the café to treat yourself to a quick caramel slice before storytime…. Not to be missed, Little Wonderland is a definite port of call for all children, young and old!


Treasure hunts, body painting, climbing frames, gyroscopes, circus shows, hula hoop games, puppet shows, beatbox workshop, loomband workshop, giant bubbles, storytelling, drama games, preschool area, bottle warming, human jukebox, sock wrestling, and loads more activities.

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