Wild Heart Gathering (Devon)

Wild Heart is an alternative, enchanting and inspirational opportunity to partake in a feast of beautiful music, workshops, stories, talks, exquisite nature & transformational learning amongst gorgeous lakes, magical woodlands & wild grassy meadows.  It has a reputation for being very friendly and safe.

Wild Heart offers some wonderful workshops, which in the past have ranged from Nature connection and living skills, Wildcraft, stone carving, woodcrafts, yoga, meditation, dance, singing, archery, shelter building, tracking, flint knapping, dance, meditation, non duality, biodanza, martial arts & all sorts of other lovely activities for both adults and kids alike!!

Hear music from Africa, India, the Middle East, Eastern Europe & the Celtic countries. Wild Heart chooses great musicians from around the world, not because they have sold loads of records (yet some of them have), but because their music creates moments of magic and makes the tiny hairs on your back tingle with joy & wonder.

Over the last few years they have hosted great musicians such as The Jolly Boys, Robin Williamson, Quwalli, Lokito, Avalon roots, Carrie tree, Khantara, At-Ma, undercover hippy, Linos Wengara Magaya & many more…