Harvest at Jimmy’s 2010 Review

Review by:  Tess (with 2 kids: 4 and 5 years old)

Harvest at Jimmy’s is the best weekend as a family we have ever had.  From start to end it was an amazing experience and we are all counting down for this year and are bringing friends. 

Entertainment – Line up and Kids Activities

The activities for children included den building, kite making, woodland, animal experiences, competitions, theatre, puppets, storytelling, etc… We were thrilled to see that it was such a relaxed atmosphere that even the celebrities (bands, chefs, presenters etc) were sitting in the crowds and relaxing without anyone bothering them (we even sat next to the Hoosiers for a couple of hours) and we saw others walking around and sitting in bars and taking part in the fun.

Any other comments and your Top Tip

I have been to other festivals and people are packed in like sardines.  At other festivals you can’t get near the main stage to see the acts and there are so many people there that you can’t get a clear view, you can’t dance in your own space, you can’t get a drink without a massive queue, the toilets are disgusting, there are louts fighting and swearing… I could go on.

Jimmy’s is so so brilliant.  They don’t overfill the venue with people, it’s great to be able to go pick your space, lay out your deck chairs and blankets and your picnic basket and that’s it for the whole duration the space is yours.  Even when the headliners are on you can still get near the front and even further back you get a clear view.  It’s family friendly and there are kids everywhere and the atmosphere is so brilliant!  The bars are never too busy to get served in a reasonable time and the food choice is the best I have ever seen anywhere (no cheap burger/kebab vans here).

Site and Facilities

In the camp site there were lots of stalls selling drinks and food – some open all night.  The toilets were clean, there were no queues and loo roll never ran out.  I honestly can’t praise Jimmy’s enough.  As a family we have never had a better weekend and the only downside was that it didn’t go on long enough.

Would you go again?

YES! We can’t wait, and I am checking the website everyday now, as whispers are starting about who will be performing this year!!!!!