Sarah Ryman

sarahrSarah has been going to festivals for over 20 years and is now what you may refer to as a ‘festaholic’.

Her first taste of this crazy world was at the impressionable age of 18. She took a ride with some friends to a party and ended up climbing a fence in to a small event she’d never heard of. It turned out to be Glastonbury. She was hooked.

Becoming a mum opened up a whole new experience of festivals to Sarah and her partner Rob. Seeing the excitement of new adventures through the eyes of her children has rekindled their original magic. Rather than grow out of the festival life Sarah has grown with it. Over the years she has attended hundreds of festivals as a guest and also been part of the production teams adding that special sparkle at events including The Big Chill and Bestival.

Sarah’s background is advertising and when not in a field somewhere she now helps with Marketing and PR for those events she feels passionate about.

Sarah has written many times about enjoying life in a field with kids on her blog at a field somewhere and now writes for FestivalKidz; read her ’10 tips to enjoy (or survive) festivals with kids’ .

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