Glastonbury Plans (Buggy vs Bike Trailer dilemma)

Louise ponders the dilemmas of transporting little ones round a humongous festival site

Its April and the Glasto Planning has started, the sun has been hot hot hot and as well as assessing the Glasto weather predictions (rain by the way), we’ve also been assessing the ‘buggy / transport situation’.  Transporting children around Glastonbury is a much more significant issue than at any other festival site in the UK because the site is so vast and the terrain so variable.

So our current dilemma goes a little like this:

– Connie (4)  no longer fits in the double Out ‘N’ About buggy (well she could squeeze in but she won’t be able to sleep at night)

– we could get a double bike trailer – which would be great for the 2 of them if Arabella was a wee bit older – but Arabella still needs to lie down to sleep and the trailer seats don’t lie flat!

– Connie still fits in the single Urban Detour Buggy (we always take 2 of them anyway as we carry the tent on one from the car BUT that means 2 of us pushing 2 buggies for 8-10 miles a day! – not really an attractive option

This will be Connie’s 5th, and Arabella’s  (10 mths old) 2nd Glastonbury Festival. It’s the highlight of the year for our family and the excitement never actually leaves us. As much as we joked about leaving the kids at home this year and running free for 5 days with our non-baby friends, the truth is we’d love it for a day but the guilt of having not taken them would soon set in, plus Connie would never ever forgive us!!!

Connie  woke up this morning sobbing her heart out, “Mummy have you been to Glastonbury and come back, I’ve missed it all, I’m so sad you went without me”…  It was a mix up of a bad dream and a bit of confusion.  She had overheard me and Harry talking about our Glastonbury plans to our friends.  We said, “We’ll set off in the middle of the night, pop the kidz in the car about 3am and when they wake up they’ll be at Glasto…” (These plans are made with the idea that if we are early enough we’ll be able to grab a pitch in the Cockmill Meadow family field).  Poor  Connie thought that we were leaving that night, and she told us she went to bed so excited that Glastonbury was tomorrow!  So you can understand her disappointment at waking up in her own bed still!  We now have to count the days down to Glasto for her  🙂

Anyway, the transport research continues and we’ll keep you posted on our progress – if you have any ideas or suggestions let us know!


9 thoughts on “Glastonbury Plans (Buggy vs Bike Trailer dilemma)

  1. What did you go for in the end. i have the exact same problem this year. HELP! i have a 1 year old and a 5 year old.

    Thinking a double mountain buggy?

    Has any one taken one of these?

    1. You could go for a double buggy or a small wagon, but it depends on whether your 5 year old will still fit in a buggy. If you want I could post the question on our Facebook page to see if anyone can help you?

  2. Hello,

    I’m taking my 7 year old son (height of an 8 yr old) and my nearly 5 yr old daughter to glato this year. We’ve hired a campervan for the first time so realise it’s a long walk to and from that field. I’m in a bit of a panic about how I’m going to transport the kids around – any ideas if they would be too big for the large garden trolly I’ve seen on amazon or an all terrain wagon?


    1. Bridget – I wouldn’t take a wagon to Glasto as it’s really hilly – unless you can take a strong person to pull it around for you! Can’t you take campervans into the family camping near the kidz’ field? I’ve heard you have to be the first in line to get in there, but it’s definitly worth it.
      If you want to take a wagon I’d definitely recommend the large garden trolley – we fit 3 children in there no problem. The other wagons will be too small.

      Can someone else please comment and help Bridget out here?


  3. well that was my post from a few years back.. now the girls are nearly 7 and 3… actually we’re still taking the double buggy and hoping that when crash and burn comes at the pyramid stage the’ll just make doo!!!

  4. Ahhh, the buggy dilema! enjoy it while you can. I now have a 7 year old who, no matter how hard I try, I can’t squeeze in to a pushchair (she would if she could!). Plus a 3 year old makes it tough. But hey ho, that’s life. We just move slower now…

  5. So glad I found this site for some greart advise. We are taking are 19m old to Glastonbury (his first unless you count me being pregnant). Really in a dilema about what buggy to take so have bought an urban detour off of Ebay! Reassuring to find likeminded people as everyone tells me I am mad to be taking a young toddler!

    1. Ah Claire – you are exactly the reason we set this site up! There are lots of like-minded people out there… there just never seems to be any living in our own neighbourhoods 😉
      Glad you found us. You will get more of a chat going on our Facebook page for now, but one day we’ll have a forum on here too. x

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