Festival Family Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas sackYes, it’s that time again! If you are stuck for gift ideas, here are some suggestions that will be popular with festival loving families…

If you click the pictures on this page and buy from Amazon they will give us a small commission at no extra cost to you, so you will be supporting the Festival Kidz website by helping us with our admin costs. Please note – these are ideas only – Festival Kidz has not tested all items on this list.

Festival onesies and other dressing up clothes

These make lovely presents for winter but they can be used year round! My 3 children live in their dressing up clothes, and when you’re a child why not? They can happily go to the supermarket dressed as fairies and no one will think it’s odd.

Animal onesies originate from Japan and are called Kigurumi; they are good quality and made baggy to last your child for a few years. The company Kigs sell them through Amazon here.


Circus toys

Get them practising for the festival season now! Diabolos, poi and hula hoops are the popular ones in this house but there are so many different ones to choose from, and they all help development of hand-eye coordination while getting the children up off the sofa.



Winter is a great time to fly a kite – lots of blustery days and clear skies. There are quite a few festivals with enough room for kite flying too – it was possible at *Chilled* in a Field and Larmer Tree – please write in if you went to any and we can build up a list of best festivals to fly kites at!

Easy to fly kites – for younger children

More challenging flyers – for older children


Fairy lights

Buy solar powered ones, then you can use them in the house or garden for some Christmas cheer, and also take them away to festivals with you and light up your tent in the summer.

For more information about lighting your tent at festivals, see our handy guide here!


Festival wagons

Buy your festival wagon now and start decorating it ready for when the festival season starts! If you want some more information about this and other festival transportation, please see our guide to ‘Carting kids around festivals‘.


Festival tickets!

A present list from us wouldn’t be complete without this – many festivals are offering early bird deals so this is a great time to pick up your tickets for next year. If you want ideas of which to choose, have a look at our festival map and calendar, and check out our 2013 award winners!



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