Festival Kidz Awards 2022

The Festival Kidz Awards are back, but with a difference!

We asked all our writers to nominate festivals in three categories, to reflect the differing needs of the ages of our children. We have restricted the nominations so that festivals are only nominated in one category. We acknowledge that some of these festivals are excellent in more than one category, but we feel they are particularly good for the nominated age.

Shindig kids field

This year we would also like to celebrate all the people involved in making our family festivals extra special. So we are including the often overlooked festival workers. The ones that run the activities for children, provide the music, entertainment, food and stalls. Our writers have nominated their favourites.

Nominations are open until the end of November for you to nominate the festivals, musicians, performers and traders that are special to your family! Details on how to nominate are at the end of this post.

Nominations are (in alphabetical order):

Favourite Family Festival (Under 5s)

Writer Nominations: Just So, Into The Trees, Timber

Favourite Family Festival (Ages 5-12)

Nominations: Bearded Theory, Bluedot, Camp Bestival(Dorset & Shropshire), Deer Shed, Elderflower Fields, Green Gathering, Maui Waui, Shambala, Towersey

Favourite Family Festival (Teens)

Writer Nominations: Beautiful Days, Green Man, In It Together, Shindig, Valley Fest, Victorious, WOMAD

Favourite Family Activity Provider

Activity providers you can count on for an excellent family friendly space, whichever festival they appear in.

Writer Nominations: BigTopMania, Jitterbug Circus, Junkfish, Organised Kaos, TicTac Skate School, Woodland Tribe, Wye Circus

Favourite Family Music

Celebrating the musicians that bring festival music to our children.

Writer Nominations: Beans on Toast, Big Fish Little Fish, Jason Singh, Johnny and the Raindrops, Junior Jungle, Nick Cope, Sk Shlomo

Favourite Family Entertainer

Our children’s favourite entertainers, the ones we make a detour to see if they are on at a festival.

Writer Nominations: Dan the Hat, Mr Pineapple Head, Rhubarb Theatre Company, The Flying Seagull Project

Favourite Child-friendly Food Stall

The food even our most fussy children love.

Writer Nominations: Anna Mae’s Mac & Cheese, Earthworm Kitchen, Great British Fish and Chips bus, Ice Green, Happy Herefords, Hot Chip, Om Burger, Pizza and Puppets, Pizza Love, The Fritter Shack

Favourite Family Shop

Clothes, arts, crafts and toys – these shops bring joy to our children.

Writer Nominations: Bubble Inc, Fairylove, Oxfam, Rainbow Dragon

Have we missed any?

We would love to hear from you!

Please make your own additional nominations, by commenting on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed. In your comment please name the category, the festival or name of performer/trader, and the reason why you think your nomination should be included.

Nominations will be open until 30th November. We will then open the voting in December!

Good luck to everyone who has been nominated!