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You may remember Nick Cope as the lead singer and songwriter with The Candyskins back in the 1990s?  Well, he’s now a solo performer, but he these days he’s busy writing records and performing his music for children.  He has built up a very strong following of little, and not so little, people from all over the world!

“So many parents have told me what a saviour I have been on their long car journeys, the whole family have listened to the songs hundreds of times and they are still happily singing along.”

Nick will be playing at some of the festivals we’re going to this summer so our little Festival Kidz were desperate to ask him their questions… 


When did you start playing your first instrument?
“I started playing the guitar when I was about 14.  It was my dad’s old Spanish guitar that had actually been chosen in the shop by Klaus Voorman”

When did you know you wanted to be a musician?
“I wanted to be a musician when I heard some classmates playing their band rehearsal of Freebird on a cassette player in my classroom”

What nugget of advice would you give to kids who want to be musicians? 
“Enjoy playing and play as much as you can and if you get a teacher make sure they make it fun.  Oh, and if you are learning the guitar don’t leave it in the case – get it out and leave it out!”

Do your kids think you’re really cool?!
“I have 3 kids but they are more or less grown up now.  I think they secretly think I am the coolest dad in the world – they just don’t tell me to my face!!!”

Are festivals good places for kids to be?
“I think festivals are fantastic for children there is so much freedom and so much space.  I didn’t go when I was younger but my children came along to a few when I used to be in a band.”

Who are your current favourite artists and bands?
“I love Laura Marling, Stornoway, the Lumineers and my son’s dupstep”

my socks - nick copeWhy do you sing about socks and teeth??!?
I think they are both very  important things, socks help you to eat your food and teeth keep your toes warm… or is it the other way round??!
I pick up ideas and stories from the children I perform to, whether it is a washing line snapping, a dog with a bottom problem or what a Pirate eats for breakfast, if it engages them I try and write a song about it.

Do you get nervous when you play to big crowds?
“I do get a little nervous every time I play.  There are a lot of words to remember and some of my dance routines are quite complex!!…  Performing to children is very much the same as performing to adults, only the people jumping around and screaming at the front are a little bit smaller!

-o-why is the sky blue - nick cope

“Why is the sky blue?” is Nick’s third collection of original songs for children and their families.

Nick Cope Family Songs and Music


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