Levellers Greatest Hits

Main Leveller mGreatest Hits cdOn Monday, the Levellers Greatest Hits will be released!

The 2CD/DVD set includes all the Levellers’ singles and videos together on one album for the first time.

They kindly let me have an advance copy to review – and as a Levellers fan I love that I can listen to all their best hits on one album. There are also a few new remixes – I particularly liked Imelda May singing on Beautiful Day, and the restyling of Frank Turner on the track Julie… although as a fan it’s great that there are also the original versions on the album too.

My favourites are all there – Far From Home being my absolute favourite festival track – we listened to it on the way to Beautiful Days this year and the children loved singing along to Beautiful Day before the festival!

You can also buy a Digital Box Set containing a 5 volume digital LP containing B-Sides, Covers, Remixes and live versions.

In November, Levellers embark on a European wide Greatest Hits tour, and Festival Kidz will be at the London date – there’s only one thing better than a Levellers album and that’s seeing them live!

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