Meet Dean the Art Wizard


Hi all festival fanatics,

My name is Dean and I’ve been working with children of all ages at festivals & events within the UK but mainly within the Midlands as Dean The Art Wizard & friends!

Take a look at this film of us creating the Summer Sundae logo with friends & family, we created an enormous guitar including a Summer Sundae vase created from beer cans collected at the festival. We also used plastic pint glasses, recycled vinyl records, Cd’s & tape cassettes.

If you would like to do a real fun activity at a festival perhaps you would be interested in all creating huge sculptures with your kids.  Please let me know and we’ll see what we could do? What huge sculpture/ creature/ animal/ person/ musician would you like to create at a festival near you?

We also create large scale Art Attacks using Time-lapse photography & Animation! 

Take a look at what we did in Lincolnshire of Bob Marley created from CD’s, Vinyl records & video tapes. These large art attacks are great fun & they will keep your kids exercising for hours!  What do you think?

In 2011, we created a huge picture of St George & The Dragon with the community of Nottingham.  What do you think?  Would you & your kids like to get involved in something similar?

Also in 2011, the public from Leicester created a fun huge animation activity! Take a look at what we did with the BBC to celebrate the Olympics 2012 with over 1000 spectators during the course of a day. Would you like to have fun animating your kids at your festivals?

In 2012 we’re creating an amazing fun activity for the festival community, think ‘It’s A Knockout’ meets ‘Art Attack’, everyone is encouraged to take part.  For more info please contact

Finally if you have any ideas to have a fabulous huge art/animation/sculpture activity at your festival please get in touch!

Best for now