WIN tickets to England’s Medieval Festival 2019

England's Medieval FestivalEngland’s Medieval Festival is a fully immersive family experience and we’ve got a family ticket including 4 nights of camping within its stunning groups of Herstmonceux Castle in Sussex to giveaway. A unique chance to step back in time with your family and feel the thrill of living in days gone by.

From the moment you arrive, you are surrounded by living history.

Dramatic Battles with over 1000 Knights, Bowmen and Men-at-Arms and full cannon support; armoured Knights Jousting and Skill-at-Arms Tournaments on horseback; breathtaking Falconry displays; Longbow and Crossbow Competitions, Have-A-Go-Archery; spectacular Grand Parades and Evening Night Parades; Puppeteers, Jesters, Strolling Minstrels; Europe’s largest Medieval Traders’ Market; fabulous Craft Stalls; Living History Encampments; music, dance and storytelling; Kids’ Kingdom with games and shows; Beer Taverns & Hog Roasts; Medieval Banquet and much, much more…..

Held over the August Bank Holiday weekend (23-26th August), England’s Medieval Festival brings history to life in the grounds of a real castle, featuring an array of wonderful events typical of the era, some fantastic theatrical performance and excellent traditional, folk and modern music all weekend.

Weekend and day tickets are available NOW. Save 10% with our unique discount code FESTKIDZ10 or why not try your luck to win a ticket for a family of 4 right here?


England’s Medieval Festival 2019

27 thoughts on “WIN tickets to England’s Medieval Festival 2019

  1. I would like to have been around during the second World War as there was such a sense of spirit and togetherness even in the face of trouble. This era has always interested me.

  2. The Forbidden City at its height. I’ve been there in the last few years but I’d love to have seen it when the old emperors were in residence

  3. I’m not religious, but it would be brilliant to go back to see what Jesus was really like. ‘He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!’

  4. Going into battle with Alexander the Great (who was more or less a child!)

  5. As long as I could be safe, I’d love to go pack to the dinosaur eras and see what they really looked like!

  6. I would love to visit anytime before I was born. Would be great to see how life was before technology

  7. i would love to vist the stone age to experience life ,when people had nothing but only needed food and furs. how perfect would it be ?

  8. Would love to visit Athens during times of Aristotle, Plato, Socrates

  9. London in the 17th Century during the Civil War. I’d love to have met Cromwell

  10. I’d visit Germany before Hitler and try to talk him out of ww2.

  11. I would love to visit hever castle in tudor times, and be a fly on the wall with Henry and Anne Boleyn!

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